Saturday, June 19, 2010

A month away!

Wow, it is truly amazing how quickly a month can go by. Lots of things have happened over the past month, but we are all wonderful! Lots to catch up on - starting with Kate's 3rd birthday post (April 25 - yes I am so behind!!). We are loving life and I like to say I am living it - this means sometimes I get behind on preserving our memories. I have decided my kids will remember the moments I share with them and that is what creates and molds the beautiful young girls I have been blessed with. Yes, they will treasure the moments I capture on paper when they are older, but I would not trade my childhood memories for a hard copy anyday. Trying to live in the moment - not in the past or the future. God has given us now!! Oh, how I've changed over the year! This does not mean I do not have good intentions of capturing and recording as many moments as I can!!!

Catch up posts coming soon! Love to all!


Dion said...

There's Sara! Glad to hear from you. Live life, girl. No guilt.