Monday, May 17, 2010

All in a day's work

We are smooth sailing these days, but I cannot keep up with the blog like I want - story of my life I guess. I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do in my spare time (ha!) and currently I am working on digital scrapbooking. I have done a very lousy job with traditional scrapbooking since the girls came along - finally something to scrapbook and just do not seem to enjoy it as much nor have the time, but I really like the digital stuff. With all that being said, probably won't be updating the blog as much - not too different from the past year I guess, but writing it down for myself more than anything so I don't have to feel guilty - yes, I feel guilt over not updating my blog - HILLARIOUSLY SILLY!! I am going to make a goal of updating weekly just for family and friends to keep in touch with us and I know I have some readers that enjoy reading about the crazy's called the Robertson's!

Now on to the good stuff!


1. Cleaning up more diarrhea - cloth diapers, paper diapers, bathroom rug - disgusting!!!- than I ever dreamed possible when I first became a mom - poor Addison was sick today - hoping for a healthy girl tomorrow!

2. Waking my sleeping husband who is working nights currently to help retrieve a cheerio that was misplaced in a certain someone's nostril (Addison) - I tried but it was getting farther in not coming out! Thank goodness for my pediatrician husband who came to the rescue!

3. Placing Kate's prized Mother's Day Out crafts and coloring sheets on top of the car to be forgotten about - that is until I walked in the door at home and asked her what craft they did today - oops! I quickly changed the subject.

4. Rearranging my "pantry" - a linen closet- to find a cake mix I knew I put in there somewhere but just could not find - I FOUND IT! Sorry Chris cake will be done tomorrow!

5. Reading, Singing and Rocking my sweet Addison as she cuddles up next to me - I wonder how long this will last - I hope for a long, long, long time!

6. Reading and discussing books and bible stories with Kate and singing her "special" songs before bed. Laying next to her while she drifts off to sleep thinking about how fast time has gone.

7. Remembering how blessed I am and so thankful Chris is on vacation next week - yes, I am counting the days!! One more month and the dreaded intern year is over - time truly does fly when life is crazy and full of fun!


Katie L said...

Busy mama!!! Your babies are precious!