Friday, April 16, 2010

okay folks

I feel like all of my posts lately revolve around the same thing - where has time gone....

Chris was off on Thursday so I took the girls to MDO - I know bad of me, but I needed the break and even when Chris is home there is not much of a break for mommy!! He still saw them far more than a normal day! Anyway, we tackeled the unthinkable - 5 boxes of paper that has been accumulating since we moved. Papers from when we sold our house, bills, Addison's birth certificate information and oh yes the social security card information.

While on that note - do you realize we, the Robertson's, organized (in a past life) Sara were forced to file an extension on our taxes because we did not have a SSN for Addison - how embarassing she is nearly 10 months old.

With all this being said - it is so refreshing to have uncovered the mess. It is finished we are finally settled and officially unpacked.

I have so many pics and stories to share, but our silly computer will not upload them. Trying to work out the issues and hopefully we'll be up and running soon.

I miss blogging about the girls and our life more regularly, but man it is crazy around here. Everyone says intern year is the hardest - they better not be lying! We are almost there - so close I can taste it.

Here's to finishing whatever it is that drives you crazy. All my boxes are gone, so now it's the computer/pic problem for me!


Desiree said...

Yay for getting rid of paper! I got a neat receipts scanner that has saved my life with all the long distance paperwork of buying / selling / insurance mess, and I am planning to use it to scan in documents and then shred them to cut down on our paper mess, too! It's mostly organized in a couple of boxes but I'm worried that it will eventually take over the universe!

We filed for Alex's ss # in the hospital... I assumed everyone did that... in fact, I think I filled out the paperwork and they sent it for us? I'll have to make sure to stay on it this time! LOL. I know we accidentally got 8 copies of his birth certificate instead of 4... he is set for life!

Sara Shaffer said...

It does get easier after intern year! Hang in there.