Monday, April 19, 2010

love my girls

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter photo shoot

Here's to all the women who attempted to take a "family" picture on Easter Sunday by themselves! As you can see we gave it a shot and did the best we could - love it! What memories. Never dreamed I would EVER take my girls to church on Easter Sunday (or church for that matter - cannot remember the last time Chris was able to attend with us - not by his choice I can assure you!!!) by myself, but I did and was privileged to do so. The journey of residency has taken our family to places I never thought possible, but how we've grown and changed and how blessed I am. Aren't they beautiful!

Friday, April 16, 2010

okay folks

I feel like all of my posts lately revolve around the same thing - where has time gone....

Chris was off on Thursday so I took the girls to MDO - I know bad of me, but I needed the break and even when Chris is home there is not much of a break for mommy!! He still saw them far more than a normal day! Anyway, we tackeled the unthinkable - 5 boxes of paper that has been accumulating since we moved. Papers from when we sold our house, bills, Addison's birth certificate information and oh yes the social security card information.

While on that note - do you realize we, the Robertson's, organized (in a past life) Sara were forced to file an extension on our taxes because we did not have a SSN for Addison - how embarassing she is nearly 10 months old.

With all this being said - it is so refreshing to have uncovered the mess. It is finished we are finally settled and officially unpacked.

I have so many pics and stories to share, but our silly computer will not upload them. Trying to work out the issues and hopefully we'll be up and running soon.

I miss blogging about the girls and our life more regularly, but man it is crazy around here. Everyone says intern year is the hardest - they better not be lying! We are almost there - so close I can taste it.

Here's to finishing whatever it is that drives you crazy. All my boxes are gone, so now it's the computer/pic problem for me!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stomach bug from... and a few other tidbits

The Robertson's have been under the weather to say the least this week. Kate woke up vomitting on Sunday night and poor thing she is still having diarrhea - acts like she is feeling better, but still not eating. Chris and I both had a milder version - thank goodness but it has been a long week!

On a lighter note - I am really beginning to like Little Rock. When we moved out here (almost a year ago) everyone said it would take a year to really get used to a new town - well, I can verify that. I honestly hated it at first and felt so alone, but I have made friends, gotten involved with bible study and church activities and honestly Little Rock finally feels like home!!

I am finally getting sleep - two weeks ago on a Sunday evening I had had it (those of you who facebook might recall a status update that was somewhat um a downer!!) Anyway, I finally let Addison cry it out and it has paid off. She cried 45 minutes the first night and about 20 minutes the next few (not many) and before I knew it the girl was laying down on her own for naps and bed time and SLEEPING all night (12 hours) most nights - not always!!! I am here to tell you, sleep is precious. I had no idea how exhausted I was from getting up every 2-3 hours for 9 months! So, some of you are thinking my success is unfair - I agree - at 9 months most kids probably would have fought harder. I guess Addison was meant to be a good sleeper, but I just could no let her be - I needed the assurance of having her in my arms. By the way, I still rock her for 10 minutes or so - LOVE IT!!

The blog is getting a little word heavy and no pics - well, I tried to upload pics and the computer was giving me fits. It truly is ancient and I need to get things switched over to the current laptop, but as you know that is a huge undertaking. I'll try again when I have a FREE moment (laugh out loud - what mother, especially a resident's wife has free time!!)

Hope all are well. Have been out of cyber land for a while, so I have some catching up to do. Have a happy weekend - Chris is off tomorrow and the parents are coming in for a visit - OH HAPPY DAY!