Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Life seems to be flying by lately. Seems as though I am always a day behind and the to do list consistently is increasing instead of decreasing. Today has just been a day that I could have used a husband and my girls could have used a daddy, but instead sick little girls and boys were handled with care by our daddy and hubby. I know God has called him, but sometimes it is so difficult.

A conversation with Chris recently went something like this, "Remember when you reminded me to turn off my closet light." (Chris) Laughing I said, "Yeah, that was when everything was in order and I had time to worry about lights being left on. Which Sara do you prefer, the old one or the new one that cannot remember if the water bill was paid on time." Laughing he said, "A happy medium would be nice." (He was kidding of course).

Over the past year I have grown and changed so much. Today I cried more tears than I have in a long time. Life is hard and at times it seems so unfair. I am so thankful that God is teaching me to seize the moments I have with my girls and enjoy time with them. The dishes can wait, the laundry is not going anywhere and believe it or not, the bills always seem to get paid. Do I miss the old me, oh yes - how I wish I had it all together, but would I trade all that I have for an organized filing cabinet - NEVER!

I love you Kate and Addison. Chris we miss you more than you know!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

God is good

Almost three weeks ago God provided for the Robertson's in a huge way. I have been wanting to share our good news since it happened, but oh how little ones keep you busy and we have been away from home for almost two weeks now (way too long, but circumstances made it that way.)

As you know Addison did not tolerate any over the counter formula. We were instructed to give her Neocate (a complete elemental formula available online only). Neocate would cost us $37 every two days - hello, we definitely do not have that kind of money. Our parents had said they would help out, but I really did not want to depend on them financially. We had looked into WIC previously and Chris made $300 per month too much. We were also in the process of looking into the possibility of our insurance helping cover the costs. After talking with them it seemed highly unlikely that was an option.

SO.... we prayed and waited. One afternoon I knew something had to be done the samples were getting close to being gone. a) order Neocate online or b) try to figure out another option

I chose the latter. I went back online and read that sometimes WIC will cover the cost of formula based on a child's diagnosis and with a perscription. Hmmm... maybe just maybe this was the answer.

After three phone calls I had an appointment with the WIC office. I contacted our pediatrican - I cannot sing her praises enough (we love her!!)- to obtain a perscription. Perscription in hand with a 9:30 appointment and both girls in tow we headed to the WIC office. Two hours later we left the WIC office(okay, so when dealing with government ran programs time is really of no essence - but I did not care!!) being certified for EIGHT cans of formula per month - praise God!!!

Chris was talking to a nutritionist at the hospital about the situation (we needed one more can to make it until our supply was available) and she said the we should ask if we could get 11 cans since we were not getting food and the perscription was written for more ounces/day due to her condition.

I got back on the phone and beginning in April we will be receiving ELEVEN cans of Neocate per month from WIC - God is absolutely amazing and always provides. We will probably have to purchase 1-2 cans per month, but that is nothing in comparison to 13!

The story just gets better (if you are still reading!!!) I finally decided to make payment arrangements with the hospital to begin paying Addison's medical bills. The lady I was talking with asks me if we would qualify for the financial assistance program. I said um, not sure but tell me about it. After talking with her, I think we might qualify for some assistance. We are in the process of feeling out paperwork to see if the hospital will cover a portion of Addison's medical debt. Pray for this process - it is not as black and white as we initially thought, but I know whatever works out God will take care of us.

The last part of this story brought tears to my eyes and complete inability to speak. All of these things happened within two days of each other - still just get chills. One Wednesday Chris was just having an awful day - one of those days that resident wives say happen and you just wait for it to happen to your husband. It was that day, the day I had to encourage, the day Chris needed me to tell him God has a plan for you. YOU CAN DO THIS! The day we got a $500 check from a family whom I know is in the same financial spot we are. The only request in their letter was that we pay it forward. Readers, God is great!

Never before in my life have I felt so unworthy of such a financial gift. I have been the giver before, but honestly it was harder to receive than give. I immediately thought I should send this back. Then I remembered our prayers for God to provide. I know this family is a Christian family with God at the center of their lives - meaning God laid it on their hearts and they obeyed. Many times since that day this family pops into my head and I pray God blesses them more than they can ever imagine. That is what God did for us through them.

I have learned so much from the week of provision from God for our family. I learned that when we pray and trust God to provide - He does, not always in the way we think. I learned that when other people obey Him it affects more than just them. I learned that it is a blessing to receive and that you should allow yourself that opportunity.

God is amazing! Chris and I have been married for almost 6 years and through our marriage God has always shown himself to us. Over the past nine months God has allowed us to go through some of the toughest life adventures, but in the tough times sometimes we receive the biggest blessings. Life has not been easy by any measure over the past year, but God has been there every step of the way and provided more than ever expected. He has brought our family of four closer and Chris and I have grown in our marriage. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. I cannot imagine life without God first and foremost, but not sure what it would be like without family and friends either!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How time flies!

Well, it's been a long time since my last post and I have so much good news to share about Addison and our journey, but catching the moment to get all the right words out seems to be impossible. I made a LONG trip back home last Tuesday for my grandpa's funeral and am still visiting family. The girls are enjoying family, but we all MISS Little Rock and Daddy - I said it, we miss Little Rock (it finally feels like home!) I will say that God is good and always provides more than you expect when you put your trust in Him! I'll give all the details soon. Hope everyone is enjoying the approach of spring!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let's see

So, seriously sickness go away and NEVER come back!! Addison and Kate have been under the weather this week. Kate has popped back but poor Addison is still fighting something - Dr. Daddy came home yesterday and decided she needed some meds. Should be well soon!

This was my day yesterday....

Catch a pot holder on fire while cooking dinner
Holding 8 month old while unwrapping hot sweet potato (avoiding her crying) and wouldn't you know she grabbed it and burnt her hand - she's okay, I put it under cold water immediately
While eating dinner - Kate gags, vomits up entire dinner and then yes drinks out of my cup - disgusting!!

That sums up how yesterday went (should I add that Chris was um well let's see - WAY LATE getting home and extremely frustrated with things) - thankfully there is an end to those days and with the sunrise comes a new day - a fresh start!