Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's easy to lose yourself...

to residency (blah! blah! blah!) - same story of working tooooooo many hours for toooooooo little pay!

to a sick child who is a book of health - funny how that works

to a camera card full of pictures yet to be seen by anyone, including myself!

to a garage full of boxes still waiting to be discovered - hmm, they might just have to wait another couple of years

Seriously, life has been crazy over the past seven months (Addison turns seven months tomorrow and we moved when she was 5 days old - crazy!!) but I have learned so much! I really take life minute by minute and laugh so much more than I used to - God has a sense of humor. From our struggles of leaving friends and family moving into an apartment where I thought the walls might just close in on me to almost losing what is most precious to us - our sweet Addison, to falling into slight depression after the fact trying to digest it all, to moving yet again (but into a house - so full of excitement), to facing the fear of allowing Addison to EAT - yes folks it was some anxiety to overcome, to umm - hate to admit, putting my child back in her bed (she slept with us for about 3 months - not recommended!!), to here I am back on the internet - hoping the streak will continue and I can continue to LIVE!

Over the past few months I have learned a few things...

  • Always look forward - learn from the past, but do not dwell on the past
  • God never leaves you - seems elementary, but I had to be reminded
  • If ______ happens then ________ - I feel like God allowed me to attend a Beth Moore bible study (Esther) at our church last spring in preparation for our journey this year. I did not get to finish the study, but one thing I took from it is this principle: Whatever your worst fear is of happening to you happens, you will still pick yourself up and move forward. If Addison gets sick (that Oct. 13th night - dies) then, I will continue to live and take care of my family - I was there people!
  • God places people in your life for a reason. I have made a life long friend in Little Rock - it felt like it happened overnight!
  • Do what you can and let the rest be done by other people - hard concept for me. I want to do it ALL!
I know I have learned so much more, but I'll quit boring you with my come back to the blog moment! Anyway, life is going well. Addison is doing great - sleeping in her own bed, eating a few fruits and veggies, CRAWLING everywhere and cracking up at everything Kate says and does! Kate is Kate. She loves life and lives it to the fullest. We could all learn a thing or two from her - never hold back, give it all you got! Chris is working hard and on vacation next week - YEAH!! As for me, well, I'm still the same old Sara with a few new life experiences that continue to grow me.