Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So excited.... bible study!

Anxious and nervous I headed off to bible study to make friends, oh yeah that's right and to grow in my relationship with Jesus : ) - just kidding with the sarcasm - it's for both.

Addison screamed the entire way - I have decided some baby's are just not always happy. She's one extreme or the other and lately it's been tears ALOT - but I'm embracing it!! Honestly I feel sorry for her - tummy issues prevail! Kate just loves church and every opportunity to go, so she was excited.

The church is offering four different studies, one is geared towards moms and is titled Mom To Mom - based off of Titus 2. Anyway, I am so excited - lots of girls from Sunday School attended and the lady who is leading is my senior by 40 years or more - isn't that great - so much wisdom. This is not just any old bible study - here is the layout.

We have two separate books we are going through. When we study Apples of Gold (once per month) - we will be meeting in older lady's houses where they will teach us things (cooking, etc.) and then eat an early lunch with them - so neat right. When we study the Mom to Mom book (twice per month) we watch a video and discuss, etc. - very typical bible study format, BUT they have incorporated what is titled Snipits - (hair dresser showing us tricks, photographer teaching how to take good pics, etc.) - how fun!! The last Tuesday of the month we will be going to a Rice Factory (I think that is what she said) to do volunteer/ministry type of work.

So, I am so excited to get this opportunity. I have never been a part of something that incorporated different areas of service. I already feel more a part of what is going on.Just wanted to share!
I challenege/encourage you to get involved in some kind of mom's group - the support is necessary to make it through this blessed, but challenging time of life. I look at my girls and feel so blessed and undeserving.


Cole and Christy said...

I want to be in this bible study!

The Alexanders said...

yeah that sounds awesome! I wish more older ladies at our church would take the initiate to teach the younger ladies!

Dion said...

This sound incredible!!!

I want to join in. Please keep records of all you do and then give me the 411. This is getting me so pumped and I'm not even there!

Alexandra said...

That sounds like so much fun! It's so nice for older women to share their experiences in Christ, homemaking, and life.

Cynthia Davis said...

Hey I finally got caught up with your wonderful blog! I miss you guys! Hope you are blessed in all the new and ever changing endeavors!