Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today was my first official day to fly solo since Addison has been born and we made our big move to Little Rock. It went fabulously well. Chris left this morning around 7:15 and did not get home until 8:30 tonight, but I had both girls bathed and in bed by 8:07 - Kate was exhausted or she would have stayed up to see daddy. I call this success. I only cried once today - I was trying to walk the dogs with Kate not minding and Addison in the bjorn carrier - not fun at all. Hopefully this will get better.

We are still getting settled in and trying to get things re-organized. I have yet to upload pictures since the move/Addison's birth. I miss blogging and reading up on friends so much, but time just gets away from me and I find myself distracted by other things.

So.... here's to trying really hard to get things organized and back on routine. We are getting there!


Jessi said...

Don't pressure yourself to have everything in place right away...take your time, it'll be there tomorrow (which *can* be a dreadful thing, too). *wink*

Glad bedtime went smoothly this evening...that definitely is the perfect ending to a day.

No'll get the hang of this "mommy of 2" business before you know it. *wink*

Desiree said...

Yay for bedtime success! Impressive!

I agree with Jessi - you'll get the hang of it soon enough. We miss you!

Alexandra said...

Hey! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, I have soooo been wanting to see how you guys are doing. What a change huh? I still can't believe we've moved and had these babies.....wonder when it will set in, maybe after the boxes are unpacked and our home isn't a construction zone, hehe. I went to a LLL meeting this week, it was nice to get out and meet some new moms, but it is still a little overwheliming, I can't wait until MOPs starts this fall, I'm really needing some Christian mommy support. We are going to try some new churches this weekend, if the Morgan's new medicine starts working better and he stops screaming non-stop.

How are you? Addison? Kate? Chris? Tonight is Tommy's first night on call, so I'm very excited to see how I do, I've staved off most of my crying spells but sometimes those "post pregnancy" hormones are just to much, hehe at least that's what I'm going to blame them on.

Feel free to email me if you need anything or IM if you want to chat!

Joy said...

I would call that success too! Good for you!!