Friday, July 31, 2009

Life of a SAHM

Greet your husband whether morning, noon or night with a scent of spit-up, possibly even remains of the last episode

No matter how organized, there are always dishes in the sink and laundry in the wash

Toys, toys, toys - need I say more

Feelings of guilt if you don't get out of the house and expose your child to the world, but feelings of guilt if you do

Praying for a daily shower - Ecstatic if you get one!

Investing time in the most precious gift available - your children!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Okay guys, life is hectic, chaotic, and full of blessing. I'm trying to be easy on myself, but it is not in my character to feel so behind on things and not have it "all together" - I confess, I DO NOT!!

Yesterday went like this...

After a very restless night with Addison - she is not sleeping people - hard times. I woke up feeling exhausted and somewhat already defeated. Chris got home around 8 in the morning and I was determined to feed him breakfast and get him off to bed. Tears were shed - lots of tears were shed. Kate is doing as well as to be expected, but she's TWO! The television has become a part of our lives like it never was before - I HATE THAT!! SURVIVAL at times I guess - this is a season.

We had a lunch date with a friend of a friend from Tulsa at McDonald's - yeah, getting out of the house. I almost canceled due to exhaustion, but I decided to go. I looked up the address put it in the GPS and made it out the door - oh wait, it was the wrong one. I found myself in a part of Little Rock that isn't your nicest area. I frantically called Chris - no answer. I then tried to call Suzanne - a lady I have never met, but am meeting for lunch - no answer. Okay, Sara you can do this - just head home.

Suzanne quickly called me back and got me back on track - we officially made it to McDonald's - teary eyes and all. Ordered food and much to my surprise - no purse, no wallet - OOPS, cancel that order.

Suzanne arrives and we introduce ourselves and the girls (she has a 2 year old and 4 year old - perfect). Then I have to confess I have no means to pay for lunch.

So there you have it - I cried on the phone and accepted lunch from someone I had talked to on the phone twice. She laughed and completely understood and said she wanted to get together again and have us over for dinner as a family. We had great conversation and seemed similar to each other.

Isn't God a funny man - I really could have done without this excitement, but I guess He saw better.

PS: Still don't have pictures, etc. uploaded - one day maybe things will slow down and we'll be back to my organized self!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today was my first official day to fly solo since Addison has been born and we made our big move to Little Rock. It went fabulously well. Chris left this morning around 7:15 and did not get home until 8:30 tonight, but I had both girls bathed and in bed by 8:07 - Kate was exhausted or she would have stayed up to see daddy. I call this success. I only cried once today - I was trying to walk the dogs with Kate not minding and Addison in the bjorn carrier - not fun at all. Hopefully this will get better.

We are still getting settled in and trying to get things re-organized. I have yet to upload pictures since the move/Addison's birth. I miss blogging and reading up on friends so much, but time just gets away from me and I find myself distracted by other things.

So.... here's to trying really hard to get things organized and back on routine. We are getting there!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who are you?

Over the past three weeks our family has undergone major changes - new baby, moving away from friends and family, leaving our house of luxury for an apartment that has nasty carpet that leaves your feet black and has a lingering smell of dog urine (yes, we've cleaned it a million times).

Chris and I prayed about our life changes and this is where God has taken us - easy, no, but in His plan, YES! I am not one to be negative or give up. Even with a 5 day old making the journey to Arkansas, I stayed positive - not worried about the future, BUT.....

Over the past two weeks I feel as though I have given up - that is not who I am! I do not lay down and die.... I meet people, create community and get out of the house. I know that with a three week old, lots of things are difficult to do, but seeing a bright future is something!

I have been back in OK for almost a week now and the time away has been good. I've realized that home is Chris, Kate and Addison - no matter where we live. Home is not our old town and all that went with it - yes life would be easier and I would probably shed fewer tears, but my happiness is with my family. Everytime someone from "home" sends me a text, calls or emails, I get wattery eyed and start thinking back, but I know God will provide all that again, I just have to let him. I have missed Chris like crazy and cannot wait to get back to Arkansas to be with him - the few hours I will see him : )

I miss my SAA group and other medical spouses like crazy - there are some things only these individuals get. There are only two other males in Chris's intern class married - one is expecting a baby in August, the other I could have taught in school!! Both of their husbands have talked to Chris and said they are lonely and bored - so I am going to email them and start having get togethers - I can see clearly now that God has a plan and in a year from now I will look back to these rough few months and see how God was working in me!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trying here...

So it has been two weeks and one day since Addison was born, one week and three days since we became an Arkansas family. I am um to say the least extremely busy and a bit overwhelmed. Thought I would stop by and say hi and that we're doing okay. The adjustment is more difficult than I thought it would be - apartment life just really doesn't fit our family. - Desiree I totally understand why you guys decided to buy a house!!! Kate is doing great with the new addition, just hard not having a backyard to play in.

My grandmother passed away yesterday, so we are heading back to OK for the funeral. She had been sick for a while and it was expected, so the news was not shocking. I hope to get back to a normal routine soon and get back to posting regularly!!! - I miss my bloggy world.

Hope all are doing well! I'll catch up on reading at some point and I'll get some pictures of my beauties posted as well - how blessed I am!