Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today marks five years of fun for Chris and I. That's right we've been married for five big ones. How life has changed from "I Do". I would not change a thing - I married the man of my dreams and he still makes me smile and gives me that "feeling" inside. I love you, Chris!
After our wedding headed to our hotel in Texas - oops, we got a little lost and overslept the next morning barely making it to our plane. Oh and then while in Mexico on our honeymoon we got to know each other very well, very quickly - diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea - need I say more! Oh the memories! Thanks for a great five years, Chris!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graduation and all of its glory

Let the story begin....

During the week of Chris's graduation, there was an event scheduled Tuesday through Saturday - this was not simply a graduation, but it was a long-awaited, much anticipated, one of the proudest moments of my life, I cannot believe it is over occasions! It is very similar to a wedding - built up over a period of time, lots of events with people you have not seen in a few years and then boom - it's over and you are officially ready to begin the next step. In this situation - RESIDENCY- that's right, Dr. Robertson will be starting a pediatric residency in Little Rock on July 1st. Chris and Kate playing at Hunter Park at the family picnic. The weather was beautiful. Kate flew kites, played with bubbles and loved the playground. Chris and I enjoyed visiting with friends and hanging out.On Thursday night Chris and I went to the formal dinner and awards ceremony. I knew in advance about this event and knew it was somewhat formal, so I purchased a black cocktail type maternity dress after Christmas on sale for $20 - it worked great and I felt like a million bucks. I was so nervous about being 8 1/2 months pregnant attending a formal event, but it was loads of fun and the food was great!

Steve and April have been our BFFs through medical school. Steve and Chris truly started this journey together. They interviewed on the same day and met then and I know we will always be friends with the Ballards! We are going to miss them so much. April and I braved SAA together the first year (it's scary as an MSI) and have continued to be great friends. We're having a baby for graduation - they went to Hawaii - not a bit jealous here : ) Just kidding, we're happy for them and they are happy for us!!On Friday afternoon Chris participated in the Christian Oath ceremony. This was probably my favorite event. It was so neat to see the Christian (soon to be) doctors take a stand and commit to practice medicine according to God. Chris received the oath that he took in document form to sign and date. I am so proud of Chris and the man of God that he is.The big question was how Kate would act at the graduation ceremony. It started at 7:00pm - close to bedtime for us and you never know about naps these days, especially with all the activity that went on that day. Thankfully, she took a late nap and sat great watching Daddy walk across the stage - it almost makes me cry now thinking about it. She kept waving at him and smiling - she was so excited! Dr. Robertson looking sexier than ever!
The next few pictures are after graduation with family and friends. I'll fill you in on who is who - enjoy! Daddy and Kate. She would not let him out of her sight.
Proud Robertson Family - Chris, Sara, Kate and soon to be baby Addison ClaireA portion of my family: Scott and Katy (holding Ava) Townley -my youngest brother, Shawn and Amy Wright (Ava is their daughter) - my sister, Steve and Mickie Townley - aka Grammy and Pops and then us!This is something to brag about. The medical school graduates pictured here graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University - our Alma Matter. Chris knew all of them before medical school. This is Mrs. Sue Ball, our anatomy teacher. She takes special care for her students and we all loved her! She traveled all the way out from Weatherford, OK to see the graduation.Chris's family: Donald and Lee Robertson (aka Granny and PawPaw), Katie Robertson (Chris's little sister), Beverly Hansen (Chris's grandma from New Mexico), Charles Robertson (Chris's older brother - his wife and two children were at the hotel) and us again!!Proud Parents!
Proud Grandma!
This journey has been one we have accomplished together! Times have been hard, fun and so rewarding. Chris and I started this journey after one year of marriage living in married college housing and ended this journey with a beautiful little girl, one on the way and so many great memories! I am so proud of our accomplishment together!Let the party begin! On Saturday afternoon we threw a party for family and friends in honor of Chris. Cheyenne did the cake and thanks to my mom and Chris's mom we had plenty of food! Thanks to all of our friends and family that joined us in celebrating this moment - you guys have been our support!Still smiling from the night before!Bounce house that Chris bought for the kids. They absolutely loved it. Kate convinced me to get in - I checked the weight limit first - we passed!Friends, friends, and more friends! Still not sure what we were thinking when we decided to move away!
Chris's best friend from high school and beyond - Tony Tyler came to celebrate with us!
Kate and Ava - best of friends and cousins. Thought this was super cute!EXHAUSTED! Notice Chris, Kate and I are all decked out in orange and somehow we didn't all three get a picture together. Oh well, I'm sure you've seen plenty of pictures by now!

The next morning we gave Kate her gift for Daddy's graduation - too much the day before. It was a bear with OSU medicine on it and a stethescope -she loved it!

Great News!

Yesterday Chris talked through email to the Infectious Disease Pediatrician in Little Rock that he rotated with last September and she agreed that the rash did look very similar to Lyme's and also what is called Starry (more common in OK), but it is typically bigger and also without overt symptoms she probably has just had a reaction to some sort of bite. She recommended we complete the course of treatment (3 weeks of antibiotic) and if she developed any other symptoms to let her know and she would re-evaluate the situation.

What a relief! Kate is doing great and God provided an expert to calm my heart! I know God has great plans for our family in Little Rock and I am so excited to finally get there and be settled.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Just wanted to update everyone on the Robertson's saga. Chris and I spent the weekend together (Kate visited Grammy and Pops) and really did some searching. A few things have changed in our current situation and I KNOW God has a plan for our family. Our house once again showed 4 times over the weekend and we have yet to have any offers. I have reminded myself many times that at the beginning of this journey I told myself I would not question God and his timing and that if He wanted our house to be available for me to stay in before and after the baby was born then it would be fine - somewhere along the way I changed my mind : ) Well, after a very restless night last night I woke up this morning and told Chris I couldn't move with him on the 5th - he was totally fine with that and things seem to be looking up.

Chris is moving in on the 12th of June (a week later than initially planned) because he has to be there for orientation. Kate and I will be staying here and moving out the last weekend in June (about a week after the baby is born). I know some of you think this sounds crazy, but honestly it is going to be wonderful - I will have my own bed to sleep in and Kate will have her space. Chris will be back for the delivery and be here for a few days and my mom will be around to help - aren't moms the best. I feel so relaxed about this decision and do not know why it took me so long to listen.

The house situation is still extremely frustrating, but we contacted a lady that manages properties in our neighborhood and we can begin the process of finding rentors and keep it on the market. If we find rentors first, we will lease it and if it's a buyer that comes first than PRAISE GOD!! This will totally take it out of our hands and it feels great!

On a totally different note, things just seem to stay crazy. Kate got what we thought was a mosquito bite about a week and a half ago. It seemed to be healing slowly, but we honestly didn't think anything about it. Last night we noticed a ring around it and it freaked me out - Chris immediately said that was concern for a tick bite with tick illness. He was so good and didn't have me worried last night - but he was definitely concerned (I just didn't know it). We took her to the doctor today to have that checked out and she once again had a strep infection in her diaper area - this girl has the weirdest things!! So, the doctor was very concerned and her and Chris discussed that it looked like Lyme's disease - scary people!! She went and got her book to compare it to and sure enough we are on antibiotic treatment for three weeks twice daily - what is happening????? Thankfully Kate is not having overt symptoms and hopefully she will not - please pray for her and mommy (this might be the last straw before the mental hospital - just kidding, but seriously). Chris has great connections in Little Rock (he rotated with ID) and emailed an attending to see if we needed to do anything else. Lyme's disease is very rare in OK, so it is really confusing to us. I'll keep you updated if things change.

I uploaded 115 pictures from graduation and festivities over the past few weeks. I plan to completely catch up on reading blogs and posting tomorrow during the day - it will take me a few hours, so I cannot do it tonight. Chris and I rented a movie and I am excited to snuggle with him. Sorry for the long post! Thanks for the encouragement and prayer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So, I've been thinking...

I have so many posts to share and so much has happened in the Robertson's, but honestly right now Chris and I have big decisions to make and we just need prayer. I have decided to not blog for the rest of the week and I won't be checking blogs - way behind anyway. I am going to spend my time in prayer and searching God's will over the next few days and weekend as we look for His provision and guidance in the decisions that have to be made. My break last week was due to busyness, but this week I am going to give my attention to the One who deserves it and is obviously trying to teach Chris and I a lesson that we have not learned yet.

Here is a quick recap of what is going on and to answer a few questions from previous comments. We are heading to Little Rock on June 5th and feel certain that is where God wants us. We have leased an apartment for 6 months, but stronly feel we might extend our lease to a year once we get there (we have not seen the apartments in person, so we hate to commit to a year without seeing them first). Our house is still on the market and has shown nearly 30 times in 7 weeks (no exaggeration). We have had one couple look twice, but decided to lower their price range. We have had some let downs along the way, but overall we have received very positive feedback. Keeping the house "show ready" has been difficult on this 34 week pregnant lady, but Chris and Kate have been great at helping!! We know it only takes one person - we've heard that a thousand times from people - but it doesn't make it any easier to know your house has not sold. Currently we are considering leasing our home, but want to be certain before we go that route. This is an untraveled road for us and we are not sure if we want to go there, but financially paying a mortgage, utilities and lawn care on a house that we are not living in would do us in pretty quickly.

Thanks for the prayers. I promise next week you'll get the entire story of graduation and how proud I am of my man - I could go on and on here!! You might even get a video of Kate doing some really cute things - she is cracking us both up lately!

I'm back...

It has been a long time and I can officially say I am married to a doctor!! Lots of things happened last week and I had full intentions of posting as they occurred, but man it was pure crazy - FUN, but crazy!! Just wanted to leave a little post saying everything is great and sometime this week I will be posting all of the Robertson happenings, so stay tuned for a complete update (they may all occur in one day, so be sure to check them all)!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1st haircut and a few silly moments

Kate had her first haircut on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 (date for my benefit). I was fearful to cut her hair due to the curls. I finally worked up the mommy courage and decided it was time. All I have to say is I wish I would have done it earlier. It is so much easier to brush and her hair has only gotten curlier. Kelly (my hairdresser) said the curl was not going anywhere - thank goodness!! Kate did so well and loved every minute of it, even though she never cracked a smile. Mr. Bear (her attachment) went with her and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well. I cannot believe how grown up my little girl is getting - she will soon be a big sister and not my baby anymore!

Life has been pretty crazy lately - I'm sure you've read that more than once on my blog. I've not been feeling that great (lots of contractions at night, continuing to have dizzy spells here and there and overall just ready to have this baby - but not yet), our house has been showing like crazy and we are not getting offers (frustrating), and we're moving away from friends (had my first tears on Sunday during church, but I'm okay and know I will be). With all that being said, I needed to do something relaxing, something that gives me peace and absolutely no stress....So, yesterday I got out the baby clothes - YEAH!! So much fun. Kate, Chris and I went through it all - Kate loved it so much. We officially have a box of newborn/0-3 month clothes, burp cloths, bibs and a few other things set aside so it doesn't get lost in the move - so exciting. Kate was trying to put on clothes and talking about baby Addison this and baby Addison that - I just cannot wait for her to get here!!

Kate did manage to get a 0-3 month dress on with bloomers. We had to take a picture of this for memories. This is the outfit Steve and April got Kate when she was born. Kate loves Steve and April and was obsessed with seeing them last night after she put on this outfit.

The last thing that I have to share is hillarious to me and just shows who my daughter is. Before I tell the story I have to tell you that over the last two years I have learned to love Kate's independent, strong-willed, daring personality. Lately one of our challenges has been going grocery shopping. Kate will no longer ride in the cart and wants to walk. I know some of you are thinking - take charge, Momma, make her - easier said than done. She consistently stands up, tries to climb out - when this happens we stop the cart, but do you know how long it would take to get your groceries? Disciplining in wal-mart or wherever is very difficult. We use time-out mostly, but do occasionally spank (to each is own here, no comments on good or bad either way!). Very difficult to maintain control in these situations when you have a very free-spirited child! So, we have started letting her walk, but there are rules to be folllowed - ask before touching, walk by mommy and daddy, obey!! Sounds easy right, not for a two year old - but we're getting better. On Tuesday we had to run to Target real quick - we reviewed the rules and her consequence was coming back to the car. She made a comment about getting a spanking and I told her she only gets a spanking if she hits/kicks mommy and daddy. Kate proceded to kick me (I was in the passenger seat). I told her that when we are playing it is different - she looked at me and clearly stated, "I not playing momma." I love her. I looked at Chris and just grinned. I told him this was a lose/lose situation - we may never have complete control as parents - but then, who does????

Monday, May 11, 2009

In case you didn't WATCH the last post...

IT'S OFFICIALLY A GIRL!!! We are so excited and baby Addison Claire is doing great! We will welcome her sometime the week of June 22nd.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I hope it was filled with love and happiness. I want to tell my mom how wonderful she is and how important she is in my life. Thanks for always being there for me and teaching me how to be a mom. Kate is so lucky to have you in her life - you are the best Grammy ever! She cries when we leave and asks about you almost everyday, maybe more than once! Thanks for helping when you can and always having a listening ear. I love you more than words can say and appreciate all that you do for us so much. Thanks for being such a great Mom and Grammy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today was one of those days - you know those days where your list is far longer than your day!! It started out great and honestly ended great, but there were a few OOPS moments along the way that I have to share. I'll apologize in advance for the crude talk - you'll see if you keep reading!

This morning Kate slept in - wonderful!! We decided to take her on a walk and go visit the playground. As we are crosssing the bridge in our neighborhood approaching the playground, I stop in my tracks and look at Chris and urgently say, "I am going to have diarrhea in my pants. I need the garage door opener and I'll see you at home." He gives me a blank look and says let me run home and get the car - I assured him I could make it. He stated back that it would be a long uncomfortable walk. Only minor damage was done on the walk home!! (pregnancy is such a joy at times!)

The second OOPS moment came while I was catching up with friends I used to work with and missed a realtors phone call - oh no. Chris was interrupted by the doorbell which woke Kate up from her nap. He calmly asked if he could have 15 minutes and they said that was fine. He put all the dirty dishes in a box and put them in the back of the car and got Kate up and headed out. Thankfully we are keeping the house clean and picked up mostly, but the dishes always seem to get us!! Sorry, Chris, but thanks for coming through!!

What a day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Camel anyone?

We took a trip to the zoo on Monday - perfect weather and perfect child - GREAT COMBINATION!! Kate absolutely loves the zoo. I am excited that in Little Rock the zoo will be much closer and I'm sure we will frequent it often. Currenlty there are camels available for riding - what a neat experience. Kate said she wanted to ride a camel, but I was doubtful that she would, but as you can see - SHE DID!! What a big girl, all by herself! We had such a wonderful day and it was stress free.

Here are some pictures from the day!

Let's play catch up

So, I have not been the best at posting these days. Great intentions, but man where does the time go. I have got to catch you all up on the happenings of the Robertson's before next week's big festivities!! - GRADUATION! Feel free to skip any or all of my randomness that is taking place.

For Kate's second birthday gift we took her to Build-A-Bear. She absolutely loved it and has fallen in love with her new bunny. I would recommend this for a special occasion - it does get a bit pricey!! She thoroughly enjoyed picking clothes and shoes out for her bunny and on the way out, we had to have a purse to match - she is ALL GIRL!!

Giving Sugar an air bath (she named her bunny Sugar - with our help. She has started referring to her babies using this title because of one of her teachers at church calling her sugar). Kate thought this was really cool and still talks about stepping on the lever.
All dressed up and ready to go!
Loving my new best friend!

I've mentioned that we are doing small trips in our town while Chris is at home to have fun with us. We have had a membership to the aquarium for two years now and love it. This is a place we find ourselves often. Kate is going to miss her fish! Bye the way, if you live in my town you get a half price family pass - great deal for only $42/year!!!!
Touching a sting ray. Kate is getting braver and finally, she worked up the courage to touch the sting ray. Chris takes Kate to the aquarium a lot by himself. On this day, Kate got real brave and looked inside the alligators mouth - wait a minute, her head got stuck. Chris said she panicked for a minute, but the alligator eventually gave in and let her keep her head!

RAINY DAYS MUST GO AWAY!! It has been raining here for way toooooo long! Here are some activities Kate has been enjoying while stuck inside - although, her Daddy has taken her outside to play in the rain on occasion and we've definitely gotten out of the house - we all get a bit stir crazy!

Playing with beans - always SUPERVISED!!How do I look? Fabulous, I'd say!
Coloring with Daddy! Daddy loves to color and finished this picture perfectly.
Taking bunny on brief walks around the block in between spouts of rain! Who is that girl in the back? - oh wait, that's me looking good as ever!

It's OFFICIAL - we signed a lease to rent an apartment. I cannot believe I am moving back into an apartment after living in this wonderful home for four years. I am really excited and God worked out all the details - we are getting a great rate, it has a security system, is gated, has a swimming pool and workout facility (get that baby weight off!!). Also, we are going to be able to have an apartment on the bottom level, rent a garage on site to store our household items (lawnmower, treadmill, etc....) - can it get any better? Oh and yes Chris is absolutely thrilled that there will be no lawn care - who is up for moving into an apartment????

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Looking Back...Looking Forward

It's been a few days since I've posted and we have been busy. The rain is driving me crazy and sends me into mild depression it seems. I have been resting as much as possible and I wanted to let everyone know that my blood pressure is super fine. My previous post had some friends concerned. I am one of the fortunate pregnant gals out there that has amazing blood pressure. I am usually like 100/70ish - great!! The problems I am having are due to OVERDOING IT and STRESS - things that I can control, so I'm taking it easy!

I have some exciting posts to share of things that have been keeping us busy during this rainy season, but my camera is in the car so I'll fill you in later this week! Here is a highlight of last weeks fun times!

  • Rainy Day Activities
  • Birthday Build-A-Bear
  • Vacation Days Continued - it's a trip to the aquarium
  • Strolls Around the Block
  • 2 year WCC - no shots!!
  • Official housing decision - ooh, ahh

This week brings exciting things, also. Lots to look forward to, especially Friday - I am super excited to finally have an ultrasound to HOPEFULLY find out if my precious little one is a boy or girl! I keep playing it down, because it really isn't that big of a deal and there is so much going on, but now that the time is so close, I CANNOT wait to find out!!

We'll be talking soon! As you can see I have a full blogging agenda for the week, not to mention those unexpected moments that creep up that require a post!