Wednesday, April 29, 2009

31 weeks

Today I went to the doctor and there is no revealing how much weight I gained in two weeks - okay, four pounds - what??? It's all those yummy cupcakes and desserts I had last night at our MOPS night out- oh well, the doctor said I was fine.

I have been having some dizzy spells and problems breathing. I've woken up a few times at night gasping for air, but I can usually roll over and get relief - so I have not been too worried about it. Yesterday was a different story and my doctor has given me strict orders to rest - how do I rest?? There is no part of me that finds that easy, but I know I have to.

Our house showed eight times in a five day span, which is awesome and too bad there are still no offers, but six of those were on Friday and Saturday. I had family in for Kate's birthday, we were preparing for the party and realtors just kept calling. There was no way to turn down a showing, but it was pretty stressful to say the least. I haven't been sleeping that well and let's face it - I'm moving away from everything that is familiar into an apartment knowing my husband is going to be spending lots of nights at Arkansas Children's Hospital while I am at home with an infant and two year old - doesn't sound fun at all. I am honestly excited about the next phase, but I think my body is not digesting the news as well as my brain is.

After hurriedly cleaning the house yesterday morning - making it show ready, hoping for a second looker, I sat down at the computer to send out a MOPS email and I just about passed out. This is how my body reacts to stress - it just collapses, it wouldn't have been the first time and probably will not be the last! I lost my breath and got super dizzy, so I laid down on the floor and yelled for Chris. He took my BP, and listened to my heart that was pounding away and told me I needed to LAY DOWN and REST!! Chris decided I should call the doctor - I hate calling the doctor and rarely do. I hate to be the patient that is over dramatic, etc., etc. Well, the doctor took it serious and told me despite all that is going on, I have got to slow down. It's too early to have this baby and it would only complicate things!!!

Here's to a restful next 7-8 weeks (we will probably induce the week of June 22nd due to living in AR, but delivering in OK)!!

Birthday madness

I know some of you are bored with the whole birthday week theme, but I am no longer scrapbooking much so I have to document for myself! Kate's 2nd birthday party was so much fun. We had friends and family join with us and despite the big day our house showed three times - crazy!! It really was a hectic weekend and thanks to my family for helping out and being flexible. Also, Kate you were a trooper. You missed your nap two days in a row due to house showings and you still had a big smile for your party!! Here are a few candid pictures of the party day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday on a Budget

This year for Kate's second birthday my goal was to save as much $$ as possible. Chris was a floral designer through most of college, so he has a love for designing and arranging flowers - quite good at it! He and Kate have a tradition of smelling flowers (fake and real) wherever they pop up. Hence the flower themed party!

We made our own invitations with scrapbook paper that I already had on hand. I received a Cricut machine a year or so ago and we used that to cut out the flowers.

Amount spent: $0

On the Today show they had a segment on how to make decorative cupcakes. My sister called me and told me to watch it and here are our home-made flower cupcakes.

Supplies: white cake mix, white icing, food color, sprinkles, jelly beans

We chose to mix neon food coloring with the icing in order to stick with the color theme and we used sweet tart jelly beans (only available at Easter) for the same reason. The sprinkles were half price after Easter and we also had some on hand. We threw in some Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and it made for an inexpensive birthday treat. For drinks we served tea and lemonade which we had!

Amount spent: $17

Chris is so talented - have I mentioned that before???? Anyway, he made lovely balloon flowers for the walls which we hung with painters tape and made a balloon bouquet for the bar. The stems for the flowers were made by using green crepe paper - too cute!

Amount spent: $5

Here is a look at the decorated table - it's all about pulling it together. My mom found the paper goods at the dollar tree (super cheap!!), I borrowed the three level stand from my sister, used leftover shredded paper from Easter to put under the individual cake platters which I already had, and bought the table cloth after Easter for 50 cents. The splurge was the fresh bouquet of flowers. Chris could not stand to have a flower party without some fresh flowers. Also, you will notice Kate's picture. I like to have a picture of her with the birthday theme. Portrait Innovations is a new photography studio here. My friend Christy has talked about how inexpensive, but great quality of pictures they provide. I echo her remarks!! It was a wonderful experience and I got tons of pictures for really really cheap! This picture does not quite do the end product justice, but it's too late to get more!!

Amount spent: $21 (not including the picture - also, $12 was fresh flowers)

It's always fun to leave a party with a favor. We bought flowers, potting soil and small cups to create a fun, party themed favor to take home.

Amount spent: $8

Total amount spent: $51 for a super cute, fun second birthday!

If you have a fun party idea, leave a link in your comment so everyone can take a peak!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweet Baby....Toddler

My sweet Kate, how you have changed my life. I always knew I wanted to be a mommy, but never knew what it really meant and how much I would love YOU!
From day ONE you melted my heart and showed me the purpose for my life - to love you! Those first few weeks were tough with Daddy taking finals and studying for boards, but we made it.
I could never hold you enough and loved to let you sleep on me. You are so beautiful! We had some scary times together during your first few months of life. I'll never forget when I thought I was losing you during a seizure you had. After my heart started beating again, I never looked at you the same!

You loved your food early on and have always had an independent streak! If you could have expressed words, I'm sure "I do it" would have been said here!
Daddy and Mommy dedicated you to Jesus when you were six months old. We love you, but God loves you more - cannot even fathom how that is possible. Our prayer is that one day you will understand His love and come to know Him.
How time flies! Here you are on your first birthday. You loved playing outside and I loved your chubby little cheeks. I thought you were such a big girl, but little did I know what would happen over the next year!For your first birthday we had a pink poodle theme. You love Parker and Bentley (your boys). I wanted to cry when you turned one, but I was so excited to see you blossom.Forget the baby food, you LOVE table food! You have always been a good eater, here you are enjoying blueberries at 18 months. You have brought so much joy and happiness to our lives!Just like Daddy! You love to play the piano and look at that TIE! You have always been mommy's little helper - you love to help with laundry, cook and clean. You have such a sweet spirit!How are you TWO? Time has flown and I cannot believe my sweet baby has turned into a toddler. When you were a very small baby I made up a song that went like this, "sweet baby, sweet baby, momma loves her baby". A few days ago I caught you singing that song to your baby while you were rocking her - it almost brought a tear to my eye. How I love you, Kate. God has blessed me beyond what I deserve. You are growing into a beautiful little girl both inside and out. You are my little adventuror, test the limit, never give up sweet girl, who has endless compassion for others, loves to LOVE, and has the friendliest personality! Your vocabulary is way out and some of the things that you say amaze me - no idea where you come up with it! You have started a journey with mommy and daddy that has not been easy and is not going to get easier any time soon! Thanks for showing us what is important and not letting life get in the way!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today Kate had her two year pictures - she did wonderful and they turned out great. I have to share a little story with you. Sometimes we have issues with getting in the car seat. Things like "I do it" and "Too tight" are frequent phrases. Over the past couple of months, I have bribed Kate (hate to admit it, but it's the truth I guess) to get in her carseat with a treat - an m&m, a smarty or something like that. I know, call me a bad mother, but sometimes it's about survival!! Anyway, I have frequently asked Kate to please cooperate. Today Kate got into her carseat beautifully without a fuss. Chris and I got into our seat and our little princess calmly said, "I cooperated". I was speechless and laughed out loud and Chris said, "first five syllable word." I had her say it for the camera when we got home - enjoy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blue Bell Creamery

The last two years of MOPS I have been the social coordinator for playdates and MOPS night outs (time away from the kiddos). We have done lots of fun things and today we went on a tour at the Blue Bell Creamery. This is a very inexpensive fun thing to do with your kids. The tour didn't last too long and the kids enjoyed watching the ice cream being made - it was pretty cool. At the end of the tour you get to taste the ice cream - a very generous portion. It is fun for the whole family!
Kate with two of her favorite friends. Avery and Chloe are more than a year older than her, but Kate has always thought she was as big as them. Christy and Cheyenne have been the best SAHM to share the past few years with. The reason leaving our little place is going to be SOOOO hard!!

Yummy, cotton candy ice cream! Tastes delicious!

My two cuties that I love so much!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He never said it would be easy....

Chris and I were gone all weekend to Little Rock looking for housing, while Kate stayed with my parents and got lots of spoiling. We drove back into town this morning and rearranged our front room to hopefully make it appear larger - seems to be another complaint of lookers. All in all everything was successful, but God never said it would be easy and I'm feeling that in our current situation!

Chris is in his third week off and it feels like all we've done is frantically try to sell our house and look for another. We have had lots of fun and managed to do some fun things with Kate, but it is so hard to see the time flying by, but in the same breath I am so excited about what is to come.

While at Little Rock we looked at some rentals (I'm sorry, but we cannot afford anything that is remotely worth living in). Maybe I'm too picky, but rates are way toooooo expensive!! An apartment is really not an option for us due to having the dogs. Picture this now - Me with three leashes (yes, three because I would have to put Kate on a kid leash so she didn't run off - I despise those things) wearing a baby bjorn walking the dogs at least three times a day - funny visual isn't. In saying all of this we have decided to buy again. We are excited and are praying for our house to sell. We found a house we like, so hopefully God will hold onto it for us!

While we were out of town we had an open house. We got great feedback from those who visited. The two complaints were no whirlpool tub in the master bath and the front bedrooms looked small - they are by the way. : ) Our realtor recommended we get rid of some of Kate's toys in the playroom, but Chris and I took it a step further. We decided to transform the room into a guest room using a fake bed - that's right, we blew up an air matress, used the headboard from Kate's recalled crib and put packed boxes in place of box springs - genious I know. You cannot even tell - absolutely amazing!! We moved a piece of Kate's furniture into the room and moved her toys to her bedroom and removed the rocking chair out of her room. Amazing difference. The realtor came back to take pictures tonight and her mouth dropped. She said she had never seen such a difference in a room.

Life is good and God is truly teaching us to fully rely on Him. Things are working out and will continue to do so. Chris got a call from the current Chief Resident and they are totally willing to work with him so he can be around for our second precious baby's birth. So wonderful that this situation is working out! Little Rock is totally going to be doable - nice size town, people are super friendly (caught me off guard a bit), and with my GPS I think I might be able to get around - eventually!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

10ish weeks left....but who's counting

April 16, 2009 - 29 weeks pregnant!!

Today I went to the doctor (yes, I did remember to go!!) and I have officially gained 25 pounds. I hate gaining weight, but I am so proud of myself because today I weigh the same amount I weighed when I got pregnant with Kate. I never like to brag on myself, but it feels really good to be 29 weeks pregnant and weigh the same as I did at the beginning of my first pregnancy.
Everything was good - passed my gestational test with flying colors and my blood count came back fine. I was a little nervous about this because of not taking prenatals like I should - they still make me vomit when I take them, so I figured it was better to keep food down. Chris would still like me to try again for my own health - we'll see : )

The much anticipated ultrasound is scheduled three weeks from Monday - cross your fingers that this little one has his/her legs uncrossed!! Who knows, we might just decided to have a surprise - nothing else seems to be real planned right now so why should this?????

Probably 9-10 weeks until I deliver this baby - it will be here fast!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hectic Times.....The Story Continues

So, times at the Robertson's are just pure crazy. Our amazing house is still on the market and no one has looked at it in two weeks - what???? What is there not to love about my house - that's right the open field behind it that might just become a Kum and Go. There will be an open house this weekend, so hopefully that will get some action again - it is in God's hands and we know it will sell soon (just hard to be patient sometimes!!!)

Chris and I have been discussing the pros and cons of buying versus renting - totally confused here. It is so difficult to go from owning your own home to renting, but we also clearly see some of the advantages. In saying all of that, we have totally been scammed more than once while looking for rentals. We only actually fell for a scammer once, but thankfully God protected us and Chris noticed the same house was for sell on a website - we called about it and sure enough this had happened before to people - what is up with our world, people???? I'm just saying watch out for Craigslist!! We have appointments set up to look at a few rentals and have a realtor that is going to show us some properties for sell this weekend, so pray that something will come from our quick trip (did I mention I have an open lot behind my house that people are fearing might be a gas station one day??). The housing situation is just a little grim and we are trying to TRUST!!

I told Chris I had a doctor's appointment tomorrow and his comment was for what - I grinned and said, um I'm pregnant. That's right we do not really have time to have a baby and all day I have been telling Chris to remind me that I have an appointment tomorrow - I seriously think I might forget - he! he! We are so excited about our bundle of joy and I would never want anyone to think otherwise, but the timing is a little/or maybe a lot hairy!!

6:00 pm on Wednesday night the cute little family is making their way to the car when all of a sudden, two year old on a mission to do it myself and no one, I mean no one can help me comes out. Let me set the stage - MOPS was this morning from 9-11, we "rested" for an hour or so and never drifted off, went to the playground, had dinner - okay, you get the point total exhaustion!! It is still so frustrating to feel like you are totally out of control. Chris almost had her in the carseat despite her screaming and kicking and boom - he pinches her with the seatbelt - great!! So, my lovely two year old was in bed asleep by 7:00 and Chris and I totally skipped out on our responsibilities at church.

If you are still with me, I'll leave on a positive note (I'm really not feeling negative, just wanted to blog about our life right now - memories right?). Chris is home and Kate is loving every minute of it - what can be better than spending time with the two people I love most - NOTHING!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter, Easter and more Easter

Easter this year was truly a blessing and blast. We have been reading the Easter story to Kate before bed for a few weeks now and it is fun to see her learning things - I know she doesn't even comprehend the Easter story, but she can say "Jesus is Alive" - good start.

Easter started last Wednesday with a fun egg hunt with friends from church. I am so blessed to have such great friends - I do not know what I am going to do without them - tears, tears and more tears!!

And we're off.... (Kate's first official egg hunt)

Yes, I found a blue one!

The whole gang!

I thought this was precious. On Saturday morning we
went to an egg hunt at the football field. Kate listened
to the Easter story before the big race!

Look at all the eggs!

Next we went to lunch at McAlister's Deli - love the cheapness of the kids meal and Kate actually eats it!! While eating lunch we decided to go to Egg hunt #2 on Saturday. It started at noon and was at a church close to our house, so we had plenty of time. This hunt had 50,000 plus eggs - it was amazing and Kate had a blast. They had inflatables, free concession, and nice restrooms (yeah!). You didn't even have to register - I always hate that at different churches - I promise I attend a church and am a Christian!! - please do not come visit me : )

Oops, an egg popped open and it had candy in it - didn't know that would happen. Kind of freaked little Kate out for a minute, but she got back into the race pretty fast!

I just don't know if I can fit anymore in my bag????

Chris set up an egg hunt in our backyard - so much fun to watch her amazement. She absolutely loved the fun - until she saw a bug! We hid her Easter basket in the house and had her find it along with the Easter basket from Grammy and Pops. She loved them both, but especially liked the baby bottles from Grammy and Pops and the sucker. She fed her stuffed bunny all afternoon and the next day! Modeling my new shades while sucking on my sucker - don't I look super cute?

It's a princess coloring book!

Look at all my new stuff - I'm not spoiled at all!!

This was the end to a fun Saturday before Easter. Unfortunately this was about 5 minutes before I woke our precious little princess up from her nap to go to Coleman's birthday party. 45 minutes later we called it a no go - she does not like being woke up from her nap! - who can blame her?

Easter morning. It was rainy and yucky here, but still a wonderful day.

We went to Granny and Papa's (Chris's parents) after church and once again Kate scored! She got an Abby dress up doll and lots of other good stuff!

Chris is such a good Daddy and Uncle to his nieces and one little nephew. He's helping fix Abby's hair and get her all dressed up!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and celebrated our risen SAVIOUR!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ava turns "2"

Last weekend the Robertson family headed south for Ava's birthday. My neice is three weeks older than Kate which has been so much fun over the past two years. They really are each other's best friends. I cannot believe we're moving Kate nearly six hours away from Ava, but I know they will still see each other lots and always be the best of friends.

Ava had an Abby birthday party - super cute. My sister ordered all of her paper goods, party supplies and favors online at party galaxy for 50% off - what a steal! She made her own cupcakes and provided grape punch for the kids. She also got a little too crafty for herself and made Ava a tu-tu and bought iron on paper to make t-shirts for the girls and her and Shawn- lovely once again!! I thought the party was cute, inexpensive and a hit! Here are a few pictures.
Oh yes, while we were decorating and getting ready for the party. The daddy's took the girls to the Tiger Safari - kind of like a zoo, but more designed as a sanctuary for unwanted or abused animals. The girls loved it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vacation Day 1 - Incredible Pizza

Chris and I would love to go on a lovely vacation before residency begins by ourselves and would love to take Kate somewhere, too, but there is this girl named Sara who is pregnant and just doesn't really want to experience vacation pregnant and with a two year old. We decided to do small trips close to home. I am going to be blogging on our destinations and how much $$ we spent - hope you enjoy!

Our first stop was Tuesday at Incredible Pizza. We have been here before, but not on a weekday - so much better. The buffet is a better price and the crowd was MUCH smaller! Kate had a blast and was still talking about playing games tonight on the phone with PaPa. We spent $22 for lunch (I like their buffet) and lots of games!