Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catch Up on Kate

Okay, for some reason the formatting on this post is a little messed up - I've been messing with it way tooooo long - just bare with it while reading - sorry!

Oh sweet Kate how I love you...... BUT, as you approach 2 there are a few things I could do without

  • The phrase, "I do it"

  • "No, Momma" - why are you telling me no - I'm the MOMMA!

  • Refusal to wear a diaper at times, put on clothes, um anything that is not your idea. Like in this picture when you wore your pink poodle pajamas to church. I prayed for a dress that would look okay - seriously and I found this hanging in your closet from last summer and it worked!!

As you approach the BIG 2 there are lots of things I absolutely love about you and can never get enough of.....

  • Your helpful attitude

Here you are helping daddy weed the garden.

Mommy organized your play room and you thought you would
help by putting everything in the closet.

  • Your desire to be a "big girl" - although at times this could easily get placed in the other category.

  • Your spirit that is easily excited. Watching your eyes light up at Sesame Street Live is a memory I'll have in my oldest days.
  • Your love for the small things in life - here you are enjoying your first ice cream cone on St. Patrick's Day - yes we are that family (the ones who dressed in green!)
  • Your care and concern for others. You always want to make sure Dorothy is okay (our widowed neighbor). You are sure going to miss Dorothy!

    • Your brave personality to try new things. You loved fishing with Paw Paw over spring break in the pond. You even touched a fish - you were very unsure at first.

    • That one day you will follow Jesus (mommy prays for this). One day while mommy was doing dishes you put your baby in the booster seat, brought her a snack and climbed up on the bench at the table and said prayers - my heart melted.
    • The way you love. You are so sweet to Mr. Bear (your attachment since 4 months) and all your baby dolls. You keep them changed and well fed - what a great mommy you will be.
    • Your creativeness. Nothing gets past you - not even water colors. You must figure it all out!
      That you think mommy is AWESOME! I know this will not last long, but right now you think mommy can do anything. You love to dress up in my shoes, go through my panty and sock drawer (one Sunday morning you insisted I wear some sexy panties - I declined much to your disappointment).
      What I love most about you as you approach 2 is YOU!

    Sunday, March 29, 2009


    I have the best of intentions of posting some pictures, but just do not want to devote the time to blogger uploading images etc., but what has really been on my mind today is the blessings in my life.

    Kate has been sick this week and it has been a ROUGH week! Last weekend my parents were visiting and we noticed some red spots in her diaper area. Chris worked 7-7 on Saturday - Monday, so he didn't see Kate much and I wanted to know his opinion. He was off on Tuesday and Wednesday and the rash did not look good Wednesday morning and she had a cold that was not going away. Future pediatrician Robertson said we should take her in. We left the dr. office on Wednesday with an antibiotic in hand (they think she had strep on her bottom - yes, you can get it on your skin). We have a nebulizer from the last time she was sick - she wheezes when she gets sick, so we started doing breathing treatments. Okay, so Wednesday night she had a slight fever, Thursday she vomitted after coughing so much and was up at 10:15 that night SICK!! I took her on Friday morning - she had a high fever and fell asleep in the dr. office - not like Kate AT ALL. The dr. (who is not a do everything type) had a blood count done, a flu test done and an x-ray - she really thought Kate had the flu - she didn't thank goodness. Thankfully everything was okay and the dr. felt like she had an awful virus. Friday she slept most of the day and yesterday was a nightmare, but we survived. She is doing much better today - thankfully! Yes, Chris has been working 7-7 through all of this, it couldn't happen when I had a little help : ) - life I know!!

    In saying all of that today while eating breakfast, I realized how blessed I was to have a child who is healthy. I realized how stressful it is to have a sick child, but then I thought about the millions of mothers and fathers dealing with terminal illness of their children - I CANNOT IMAGINE. I have so much to be thankful for. The stress placed on those individuals must be more than I've ever felt.

    I pray each night for God to protect Kate and keep her healthy, but how quickly it could all be taken away. I am so thankful for the blessing of health!

    There are so many more blessings in my life (one of whom needs some attention - hubby, so I'm going to say goodnight!). Maybe Sundays will be devoted to blessings for a few weeks - I need to be reminded myself!

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    We did it...

    It is official, our house is on the market!! What a hard job it was getting it all ready, but when I sat down and looked around at the house - this came to mind, "Finally, the clutter free house I've always dreamed of, oh wait, there are about 20 boxes in the garage!!" I told Chris we need to take pictures because it will never look this way again.

    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    She counts...

    Thought I would share a cute video of Kate today. I have lots of pics to catch up on so be looking for a fun post soon!


    I never want to wish my life away or for that matter this stage, but I am struggling to completely find peace in total chaos. We have one free weekend between now and the end of May and hopefully that weekend we are in Little Rock looking for a place to live. I just feel this knot of confusion, excitement and anxiousness. Feel free to quit reading at any point, but this blog is an outlet for me sometimes, so I'm going to vent a little below.

    • GUILT - I feel so much guilt over dragging Kate through moving, a new baby, etc..... My parents were here this weekend and she cried when they left - what were we thinking choosing to move 5 hours away!!!! (Jeremiah 29:11 comes to mind).

    • NEW BABY - Chris and I prayed and I had surgery in order to have a second baby, but now it seems so difficult. I cannot imagine going through life without my Jesus to guide me and I know he allowed us to get pregnant with this little miracle. I am trying to rest in the fact that He has a perfect plan and obviously Chris and I can rest in that. The million dollar question still remains..... Where will I deliver??? Who knows, Chris reports the 17th of June. I do not want him to miss any of his team building events, etc. - hard decisions here!!

    • SELLING HOUSE - So there have been like a ton of houses go up for sale in our neighborhood over the past few weeks. Hopefully ours will sale fast and we can get things rolling. It is going on the market tomorrow - yeah!!! Getting a house show ready with a two year old is not an easy task!!

    • HOLDING IT ALL TOGETHER - I have this amazing ability to maintain my composure (usually) around family and friends and lose it behind closed doors. These next few months are going to be so hard on me and I could use prayer. Chris and I have planted ourselves in our community - church, lifelong friends, etc. This was not just a place for us to go to medical school - it has been our home! The decision to move weighed heavy on our hearts because of the support we have here, but just like God called Abraham to not be afraid (Genesis 26:24) God calls us to do the same! God has such big plans for our family and Chris has been granted an amazing opportunity at one of the leading children's hospitals. I'm going to brag a moment - they have only taken one osteopathic student each year (that is my husband, folks - what an honor!!) I support my husband no matter what and always will - I to feel like this move is what God has in store for us, but it does not make it easy!! Strange enough I feel a peace about moving (most of the time) it is just all the in between things that easily take me off track.

    • KATE - Oh my precious angel. I love her so much and she is starting to realize things are going on. We have been packing up the extra clutter, so boxes are out and about. My belly is growing and it is starting to get in her way. I know she will be 100% fine, but it is difficult on me to think of her leaving friends and the only things she has ever known. This is honestly the hardest part for me.

    • I'll leave my lengthy post that brought tears to my eyes and probably bored you to tears with this.

      "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29: 11-13

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Match Day Remembered

    A blogger friend of mine recommended that we record what happened on Match Day, so I thought I would do a post on our match day experience and the events that lead up to it.

    It really began months ago as Chris began the interview process and evaluating pros and cons of programs. We never dreamed of moving, but after interviews and truly putting our life in our current town aside (we're very happy!!), we knew a move was more than likely in store.

    Next came the ranking process. Chris canceled all but four of his interviews, so he ranked programs 1-4. One was his first choice, etc... We set a deadline for ourselves so the madness of who to rank where could end. On that Sunday afternoon we prayed (and had been praying lots before then) and Chris followed what God had laid on his heart. It truly was a freeing experience when Chris submitted his rank order.

    Then the waiting...... and waiting...... and waiting..... and waiting - okay you get the idea. This was probably the worst part of the entire process.

    Jump to yesterday morning - March 19, 2009. Chris woke up sick - yeah what a way to spend a life changing day. I woke up from a restless sleep of night due to pregnancy and anxiousness, but kept myself busy cleaning and tending to Kate. Kate was happy as ever - very independent yesterday.

    11:00 am - Chris gets out of bed and begins checking his email frequently (I had been already). The results were due out at 12:00 pm, but they might be early : )

    12:00 pm - I am the one looking, Chris is too anxious and nervous, but is looking over my shoulder. Where did I match? The subject on the email read - oh no, it's really here. The past four years of hard work and sacrifices has paid off - Chris is really going to be a doctor!


    It looked something like this. I honestly do not remember for certain, my heart was pounding and I misread what was on top and was totally confused and then made my way down to the bottom and saw our destination.

    We were instantly excited and man the feeling that comes over you when you know your assignment for the next three years. It was truly a crazy afternoon - what do we do now, are we really moving away from family, friends, etc.... I cannot believe we are actually going to do this - oh what floods your mind, but admist all of this was an unsurmountable amount of excitement and joy.

    To see your husband beginning to fulfill his lifelong dream is truly breathtaking. I'm sure there will be lots of tears shed at graduation - I am so proud of him and know our journey to Little Rock is going to be amazing!

    Thursday, March 19, 2009


    We have been anxiously waiting for this day and here it is - one minute everything is unknown and the next you have your assignment for residency!!

    Drum roll, please....

    Chris and I are heading to Little Rock, AR. We are very excited and honestly this is where we thought we probably would be heading. Chris loved his rotation in Little Rock and they have lots of spousal support (pretty rare, I think). We are excited to see what God has in store for our family as we head to Arkansas!!

    Thanks for all the prayers and support!

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    Match Day #1

    So today Chris found out that he officially has a job next year - yes we matched. We will not find out where until Thursday - the wait seems long, but in reality we both have a peace about our destination, so we're fine. I am thankful that we did not have to scramble - that would have been some STRESS!!

    To be continued...

    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    Another one bites the dust...

    Today I was reminded of how EMBARRASSING it is to fall headfirst in public. Yes, I was the one on the floor while everyone was staring. I was highly irritated and humiliated, but gracefully got up and moved on. A nice older gentleman asked me if I was okay (he could obviously tell I was pregnant) and I told him yes and thank you. I then proceded to find a worker to let them know someone had spilt there drink and I had just fallen in it - she didn't seem to get in a big hurry about it. The old guy told me someone needed to clean up that mess - I grinned and said YES!!

    I have a small bruise on my knee and my arm was sore for a while - I've done this before in my own house and ended up with a broken elbow - ouch, so all in all I'm fine. Of course Chris was worried about the baby - I assured him I was fine, just overly embarrassed!!

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Best Birthday Dinner Ever....

    So today I turned a young 27! It really seems impossible that I'm closer to 30 than 20, but here I am happy as ever and loving my life!!

    Chris worked the night shift and made it home about 6 this morning, so he was in bed until about 1 this afternoon. Kate and I hung out and cuddled a lot - great birthday morning! After Kate's nap we decided to make a quick trip to the big T Town so I could get some baby shower gifts and to eat dinner. Chris got me a balloon and a sweet card (saving $$$ here), of course Kate loved the balloon and insisted it travel with us. When we got to On The Border we made her leave it in the car, but she just was not having it, so in the end it came along.

    I told Chris the one stipulation to going out on my birthday was to not inform the waitor/waitress. He agreed. We had finished our meal and asked for the ticket and boom - the waitor said "Is it her birthday?" (referring to Kate). I grinned and said, "No, actually it's mine." He told me I could pick a dessert out and it would be free - okay, I can handle the brownie fudge with ice cream. I was terrified that a singing ensemble might appear, but he told me the balloon was enough and he wouldn't put me through that.

    The perfect birthday dinner:

    • a ticket under $20
    • free dessert
    • no embarrassing singing and dancing

    Thanks Kate for insisting on the balloon!

    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Confessions of a once upon a time fluffy girl...

    I have been thinking about this post and decided to indulge some humor for all tonight. Chris is working nights, I have been gone since Wednesday and am exhausted!!!, I attempted to upload pictures to my computer and the camera was out of batteries - so that was a no go - sorry still no pics of Sesame Street Live (the planned post), so I decided some humor was in store. Hope you find this fun! Not intended to be offensive in anyway, but would love to inspire - always my goal with my posts.

    Those of you who have followed my blog over the last year or so may have seen my post on my weight struggles. You can read that post here. Being pregnant a second time around has brought lots of emotion with gaining weight and thought this post would lighten my heart!!

    Confessions of a once upon a time fluffy girl....

    • I hate gaining weight for any reason, including pregnancy.

    • One of my biggest fears is that one day I will gain all my weight back.

    • People from high school do not recognize me. I was home this week for a funeral and saw lots of classmates that I had not seen in years. I am pregnant and will probably never reach the amount I weighed when they saw me last - I got lots of strange looks!

    • I know how many points are in lots of foods - weight watchers was my initial weight loss strategy and last summer I developed my own. Read about it here.

    • One of my biggest dreams for Kate is that she never look at herself and feel she is overweight. I pray she never struggles with the "weight" battle!

    • My family freaks out when I talk about getting healthy. This past summer I was not trying to lose weight, but Chris and I were struggling with fertility for the second time around and I needed something to focus on. I decided that I would get healthier and started exercising and eating better. I have never felt as good as I did this summer. I have IBS pretty bad and it was under control (TMI, I know). I felt great and was loving my new outlook on health!!

    • I cannot wait to have my baby and get back into my "skinny" clothes. This is where nursing is not fun - my boobs are huge!!! I do enjoy that time with my little one though and it is totally worth it.

    • I will never feel thin inside (pity party here!).

    • I used to date overweight guys (well, like two in high school for what two weeks) and always crushed on heavier guys and guess what I married the skinniest guy I ever did meet!! He weighed like 130 on a heavy day when we met - isn't God funny!!

    • I still eat brownies - I LOVE THEM!!!

    • I am obsessed with Cappacinno Chunky Chocolate Frozen Yogurt from Braums (I think I'll have some when I'm finished).

    • Fat free does not = eat all you want

    • I can do without french fries, soda, and greasy fattening food (I do enjoy on occasion, especially while I'm pregnant) - there are some good things about being pregnant, right?!?

    • I stare at people when eating out - not if you are with me, don't worry!! I just like to watch people's eating habits - very interesting.

    • I wish my loved ones who struggle with their weight would make a change. I have been there and (no I was not near as overweight as some, but I was on a path of destruction) know how difficult it is - the payoff is totally worth every minute and sacrifice!

    • I cry when watching Biggest Loser sometimes and find that show so encouraging!

    • I could probably type all night long, but the post is getting a little lengthy and some of you are gone by now!!

    • BIGGEST CONFESSION: I wish I was not obsessed with my weight!!! I do not talk about it in front of Kate at all - never use the F word (fat) and always tell her how beautiful she is and that God loves her for her heart not her appearance!!

    • I weighed 187 at my highest, 166 when I got pregnant with Kate, 142 when I got pregnant with baby #2 (who refuses to reveal). One last chance to read my entire weightloss story check it out here.

    In case you didn't check out my previous post on weightloss here are pictures of me before and after.

    This is me all dressed up for senior prom. This was the best picture I could find of that stage of my life.

    I am the one in the gray tank top. That is my beautiful sister with me. This was sometime over the summer. I do not have lots of pics of myself - funny how things change when you have a baby!! I need to take a current pic of myself with my new belly that has arrived over the last few weeks. I really didn't get very big until just recently - vomitting all the time does that to you (I would have rather gained weight and a belly than vomit - I'm not that vain)!!

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    In and out this week

    I had great intentions of posting Sesame Street Live pictures, but instead I have spent the last hour and a half browsing ebay for a new phone - my texting button broke and may only survive a few more days. This is how I entertain myself while Chris is working nights - I hate nights!!!! I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without - I hate spending money on a silly phone!!!

    I will be in and out the remainder of the week. On a serious note, a close family friend growing up passed away yesterday from a massive heart attack. Kate and I are traveling home tomorrow for the funeral and will be there for the remainder of the week probably. Keep the Smith family in your prayers. He was 53 and left behind a son and daughter both in their early 20's. I cannot imagine losing one of my parents!

    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Bedtime prayers

    "Kate, what do you want to pray for tonight?" cats, the boys, Ava, Amy, Shawn - safety, everybody that poo poos, the string (that she found on the floor).....

    Had to share this bedtime prayer. You never know what Kate wants to thank Jesus for.

    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Lovin' Wal-Mart

    Okay, I've decided I need to get out more often by myself - did I say by myself? Today I needed to run to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and I went ALL ALONE - wow the feeling. I found myself browsing down the Easter aisle looking at everything, I glanced at the maternity section and found two pair of shorts for $9 - what a deal, strolled through the little girl section and picked up a few things for Kate (no, she didn't need them, BUT...) - cheap, doesn't that make it better!! I finally started my grocery shopping probably an hour after my journey began. I have Wal-Mart basically memorized, so that didn't take long. I got home and was giddy - I think Chris thinks I'm crazy.

    Motherhood is great, but sometimes you forget what it's like to be alone, have not a single person requesting anything and be able to just browse!

    FYI - Sesame Street Live was awesome. Kate was totally mesmerized and loved every minute of it. I'll post pictures tomorrow hopefully!

    Friday, March 6, 2009

    Hittin' the road

    Chris, Kate and I are going on a quick trip to see the family this evening and tomorrow. I am super excited because we are taking Kate and Ava to see Sesame Street Live - yeah! I know they are going to love it! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    My little shy guy or girl??

    So I will be 24 weeks on Tuesday and my little sweet thing does not want to fully reveal him or herself. Today I went for my big ultrasound where the doctor measures, etc. and things looked great. I honestly went without high expectations so I could leave without dissapointment and I did. This pregnancy has been so different for me and the important thing is a HEALTHY baby. I have been paranoid about being so sick and continuing to get sick if I slip the slightest prenatal vitamin in my mouth, so I haven't been the best at getting those suckers down!!

    We are so blessed. This baby was spread out - you could see every single little vertebrae and the little heart was just pumping away. The brain looked great along with all the other organs they check - what is there to complain about? The doctor tried his best to see the bottom area, but it just was not happening. At the very end he managed to see the upper portion and said he would maybe guess pink, but not to paint the room or even plan that way - very UNCLEAR!

    We also did not get any pictures - the baby was hiding his/her face behind my pelvic bone - once again, I really was not disappointed. I had been praying that God would give me assurance that this miracle was fine despite my bodies reaction to this pregnancy and he/she is GREAT - God answered my prayer more than I expected!!

    FUNNY/SAD Side story: When we left Kate was extremely upset. She kept saying baby sister, where's baby sister. She thought we were bringing a baby home with us. She cried for quite a while in the car and just didn't get it. I finally got her calmed down and assured her that this summer we will bring home a baby and maybe she could get a new baby to play with.

    Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    Recap of the Robertson's

    I have lots of random things to share - seems to be a trend these days! Thought I would amuse the family with some pictures of my precious little Kate. Hope you enjoy this family friendly post of the Robertson's!

    Chris and Kate putting her big girl bed together. Kate might have been a little too much help! She has done so well with her new bed and loves it. The first night she cried for 10 minutes, but never got out of her bed - too easy is what some of you are saying!! She has gotten up a few times at naptime, but overall we have had it easy sailing!! I am so proud of you Kate!

    Chris sporting his graduation gear - doesn't he look cute!

    Chris's little sister is a senior cheerleader. They were cheering close to us, so we went to watch. Kate loved the action and especially the boys basketball. She actually prayed for them the next night at bedtime - so cute!! She loves her aunt Katie - she just doesn't get to see her enough. Busy senior girl!!

    Here is my little girl playing mommy again. She insisted on the baby carrier being in the front of the grocery cart - where has she seen this???? I just love watching her be a little mommy! Never mind all of the boxes in the background - hate to freak my friends out, but we are getting things packed up in case we need to show/sell the house in like record timing at the end of the month.

    Happy Valentine's Day from Grammy and Pops. My parents were up this weekend, so they brought Kate her V-Day gift. She got some stickers, a cute little bear, a pair of shoes and some cards that she loves to play with. Thanks Grammy and Pops!

    This picture is for Kate's other Aunt Katy (my little brother's wife). She made Kate and Ava Elmo blankets for Christmas. Kate is attached. She sleeps with this blanket every night (despite its Christmas theme) and carries it around the house frequently. I have material for a cute pink blanket, but don't know that it's going to happen!

    I always hesitate to put slightly naked pictures on here - never sure who looks at the blog, but she is covered here. There is always a story, though. Kate loves to shower and go in by herself and didn't want anyone to get in with her - it was really cute. I have a picture of that, but decided to not post it. This is her sitting in her chair after her shower watching cartoons - too cute! She is a lot like her momma - likes to be free!

    The next few pictures are a sequence of events that took place yesterday. Kate requested to use her paints/colors that are designed for the palmer grasp - I HATE THESE!! Okay, she got these around her first birthday and they were a huge mess then. I rarely let her use them and after today I am thinking NEVER might be in the vocabulary. I decided for Easter Kate is going to get some craft supplies - big girl stuff!! No need for these that are sooooo messy!

    Let's paint our hand, face, shirt, high chair - you name it!!

    Uh oh!! What will we do??

    Take a bath - this is exactly where she ended up after craft time yesterday! She still had fun as you can see. I bought some nontoxic, nonallergy foam at Wal-Mart not long ago. She really likes to play with it - kind of messy, but once in a while it is sure fun!

    Tuesday, March 3, 2009

    Are you kidding me?

    So I'm watching the news waiting on Chris to get ready for bed and there are a couple of stories that just blow my mind.

    • Designer Babies - do what?? There is a doctor who claims a couple can pick the gender, hair color and eye color of their unborn child. Come on people where do we draw the line!!

    • Calling 911 over chicken nuggets. A lady was charged with misusing the 911 system after she called three times to report that McDonald's would not give her the nuggets she ordered - they had run out. Okay, now this is just hillarious - some people and their food!!

    Lots to say...

    I am going to do a bullet list for today's post - lots on my mind and lots to say!

    • Jason, make up your mind! Okay, all you Bachelor fans out there - what is up with love? I know there has only truly been one successful couple formed from this show, but I am addicted - can't wait to see tonights part 2 of "After the Final Rose". Do you think Melissa will be back - who knows?

    • So, I'm trying them again - that is contacts!! I went to the eye doctor today and decided to try contacts again. I have worn contacts since 6th grade, but in college they started fusing to my eye, so I had to go without for quite a while and have never been able to wear them full time since. When we moved to Tulsa, I gave them up completely. I just like myself better without glasses and decided to boost the confidence by trying them again!

    • So excited!!! My friend Melisa whose husband is a 2nd year resident came up with a brilliant idea of starting a private blog for medical student and resident spouses. This is a place where we can laugh and cry together with those who truly understand - I cannot wait to see where this blog goes!! If you are a reader and find yourself in this situation, please let me know and we'll add you to the blog!

    • Kate has napped two days in a row - what?!?

    • Final thought for the moment. God has blessed me beyond measure and I am so thankful for where he has brought me. I have been doing the bible study Esther by Beth Moore at church, and it is teaching me so much. Last Friday the video was about fear and letting go - truly amazing!!

    Sunday, March 1, 2009

    Just what the doctor ordered...

    This weekend my parents came to visit and Chris and I took advantage of the opportunity to go out overnight!! We had planned a mini vacation to Branson, but decided it would be quick and really all we wanted to do was spend time together, so we decided to have a staycation (that term came from my mother-in-law - thought it was cute). We spent the night in Tulsa in an amazing suite with a jacuzzi - it was wonderful folks!! Chris and I laugh because we have been doing short overnight trips close to home since we got married (even before kids). There is just something about getting out of the house and focusing on each other that really makes your heart stop again - you know, sometimes I think we just go with the flow and forget that we married the one we couldn't stand to let go of at night, could have kissed until wee hours of the morning and dreamed of the day to be married!

    Thanks for a wonderful marriage and for being cheesy with me! I love you, Chris.

    This is Chris and me in November of 2003 - we were engaged! Don't we look sooo young!!