Friday, February 27, 2009

Calling all medical student/dr. spouses

Check this blog out - might raise the hairs on your arms. Bea has left me a few comments so I have began reading her blog. Very interesting topics. Thought some of you might have an opinion on this one - I'm still thinking on it - pretty thought provoking!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday's at the Robertsons

Thursday's at the Robertsons are trash day. Kate loves to watch the trash truck! Today we actually went outside and waved to them and said good morning! Hope your trash truck brings you joy like ours does!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a day...

So here it is Wednesday at 8:50 pm and I am exhausted. Today has been a day. It started out beautiful - Kate and I walked and played outside. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It ended with me emotionally drained and I'm ready for bed. Kate has not been napping well for quite some time now, but it is really starting to get to me - not sure why now, but it is. I typically make her lay in her bed for an hour for "rest" time regardless of whether or not she sleeps. The last couple of days she has basically cried and fussed for a good portion of time. I decided I would try to work with her, but that is just not happening. She is so used to falling asleep on her own that when someone is around it is completely distracting. Not sure what to do. I guess this is part of parenting and sometimes there is no answer!! I obviously cannot force her to sleep, but I sure wish she realized how much better she would feel : )

Chris and I got a hair brain of an idea and decided to volunteer on Wednesday nights at church again - once again, why?? Whatever, I've committed at the moment to be there, so I'll do my part - not bitter or anything. It's hard because when Kate doesn't nap she will go to bed and be out by 6:30 pm (I know, call me what you want, but she still sleeps 'til the same time in the morning), but on Wednesdays it is way toooooo late for my precious Kate and it makes for a really really really rough Thursday!!

Okay, I haven't had a venting post in a while, so here it was. I hate to be negative and pull a pity party for myself - I know I'm blessed and should be thankful for so many things, but today this is what's on my mind!! I have a video of her at nap time yelling under the door - I'll share it soon for your enjoyment or for my embarrassment!

Hope your day was better!

Monday, February 23, 2009

So Proud...

Today we received Chris's graduation announcements via priority mail. Kate loves mail and packages, so she requested to "see". I opened the box and began reading the announcement to her and tears started streaming down my face. Even as I write this post I am getting teary eyed. I am so proud of Chris and his accomplishment. This journey has been harder than expected, more rewarding than thought possible, and full of laughter and tears! Chris has managed to maintain his family responsibilities, church responsibilities and school - how I have know idea, but he has. I admire him and am certain many more tears will be shed through this process of achievement and change. I cannot believe how fast the past four years have gone and how much our lives have changed since.

Thank you Chris for being such a wonderful husband and being there for me through my grandma's death, two surgeries, one broken arm, the birth of our beautiful little girl, a very scary ambulance ride/unconsciousness, fertility struggles, health problems this summer, severe morning sickness, and all the fun in between over the past four years. Not sure how you managed to take care of me and do school, but I LOVE YOU and am so PROUD OF YOU!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Music to my ears

Friday, February 20, 2009

Retail Therapy

Okay, I do not really shop much anymore. Since I have been staying at home, "frugalness" is a word in my vocabulary that I often find myself repeating in my head. Also, I just do not find maternity clothes all that cute or fun to buy - I'd rather make do and have a shopping spree when I am back down to my small size!! In saying all of that, I could spend millions of dollars on Kate, but once again I have been refraining - needs vs. wants here ladies!

On Wednesday Chris called me a little frantic about 1:30 pm. I could tell he was on his way home, so I immediately said what is wrong. He informed me that a program had called him questioning him about his Step 2 Board scores - where were they??? Oh no, does that mean none of the programs got his scores - YES, it did. Chris mistakenly thought Step 2 scores were automatically sent to the programs he selected, but they were not. He called all the programs and assured them that he had taken Step 2, passed and they would be receiving a fax shortly. Whew, thanks to the program that took notice - it could have been scary!!

Back to retail therapy - what did I do? Get online and look around - bad Sara!! I was stressed and needed some sort of release. Chris and I have so much going on right now between the match, trying to get our house ready to sell in case we match out of state (not a lot of time to sell and buy in between March 19th and Juneish), and just the day to day things. That bit of news just about sent me over the edge!!

Notice I said about - I had made my selections (for Kate) and was ready to check out when I thought to myself - no, no, no!!! I was so proud of myself, I didn't proceed, but what I did do is go get me a big bowl of Cappucinno Chunky Chocolate frozen yogurt from Braum's - my favorite!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kate, I love you...

I love you when you say the word "fork" and it sounds like a word you have never heard before - I promise!!

I love you when you climb onto the piano bench and attempt to play and sing just like Daddy.

I love you when you give me a big smile for the camera and say, "cheese".

I love you when you say, "hold you" - meaning you want to be held.

I love it when you cry over losing your hairbows - I never dreamed you would love hairbows. There was a time when you would cry when I put them in.

I love how you run around the house proclaiming, "I get you" or "Peek-a-boo".

I love how you rock your babies, read to them and gently love on them.

I love how you tell Daddy, "My Mommy" when he hugs and kisses me.

I love your independent and playful personality.

I love so many things about you I could never record them all!!!

What I LOVE most about you is the little miracle you are. From the first OB appointment when the doctor said I would probably miscarry by 14 weeks, to the "seizure" scare at 10 weeks, to the choking incident just a couple of weeks ago - you are my miracle girl. You were prayed for and loved for more than a year before you were known about. I cannot imagine life without you. What a gift God has given me.

Mommy, Kate and Mr. Bear (our attachment) at the MOPS Valentine's Party. Mommy has seen better days, but Kate is looking gorgeous as always!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today SAA had a playdate at Bounce U. Kate and I have never been to this facility before - not sure why, she had a blast!! Pregnancy brain is in overdrive, so once again I forgot my camera, but there would not have been time for pictures. I am exhausted! Kate cannot really do anything by herself, so here is a 21 week pregnant lady climbing up the huge slides that make my belly drop because that is what my little daredevil loves. It was a great workout and we had a blast. I plan to take her back (maybe with Daddy alongside next time). Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dr. Robertson

So, tonight we let go of a chunk of change and ranked our future! Chris and I sat down and ordered graduation announcements and his cap, gown and tam - what an expense!! BUT, I am so proud of him and cannot believe this chapter (medical school) of our lives is soon coming to an end. I remember Chris's orientation week and how overwhelmed I was and now it's just life. We talk about residency all the time and where/what God has in store for us. Chris is so concerned for me and my well being, but I reminded him of the first visit by myself to the medical school tonight. I had went to an SAA scrapbooking meeting and could not get back home. I was in tears and quite frankly life just seemed impossible. Thankfully Chris was in the Anatomy lab, so I came back to the school and waited on him until midnightish and followed him home. We can laugh about this now, but I know with residency things will bring me to my knees in tears, but I also know that we will survive - just like everyone else has. I cannot help myself but be excited about the next chapter in our love story!!

We set for ourselves a deadline of ranking programs and today was the day - scary, but once again exciting. I am keeping my lips sealed per Chris's request, but I know God has big plans for us wherever we match. It is kind of nice that we are not the final say in this journey - programs rank, too and for us God is the ultimate decider and that is where we put our trust!

Now it's the waiting time - oh how I long for March 19th!!

This is us at the white coat ceremony - oh how things have changed over the past 3 1/2 years!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you all had a great day! Ours was wonderful. We began with a few surprises for Kate and decided to take her to Incredible Pizza (forgot the camera) where she had a blast! Chris gave me flowers (that he had arranged) and chocolate (just what I need to gain a few extra pounds!!). My gift to Chris will remain a secret (wink, wink). This afternoon we went to see my brother and his wife and 11 week old baby - so cute! We had a marvelous day and I feel so blessed!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Girl Bed

I have pictures, but do not want to take time to upload them - it's Valentine's weekend and Chris is off work. No we do not have plans to go out, but Kate is in bed early and we are going to snuggle up to the TV and just enjoy time together! Now on with the story.

We were forced to do something with Kate's sleeping arrangement due to her crib and pack-n-play being recalled. I ordered a toddler bed and yesterday Chris and Kate put it together (I'll share pics later - cute!) I was so nervous and really didn't think it would work out. Kate was so excited about her new bed. She was jumping and getting off and on - trouble right. Well, last night she cried for 8 long minutes, but never got out of her bed and tonight - right to sleep without a fuss. I hope this trend continues!!

I cannot believe my baby is sleeping in a toddler bed - she is growing up way tooooooo fast!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hairbow mania

On Tuesday my friend Cheyenne came over to help me make hairbows. We learned how to make hairbows the way Kathleen's Kids creates them last year in MOPS and Cheyenne has helped me multiple times, but I still couldn't remember. I think I got it this time. I need to make a few more soon so I am certain to not forget. The first couple of bows (white and black) were a little disappointing, but I got better. I made three while Cheyenne was visiting and played while Kate napped and made five more. Chris came home while I was playing and he had to make one, too. He is our bow maker currently and I'm okay that his hairbows (no matter what style) will always be more symmetrical and look grander than mine. He is by far the more crafty of the two of us!
I'm going to put a quick plug in for Cheyenne. She is very crafty - she has made lots of bows for Kate and they are beautiful and perfect - she doesn't make bows to sell, but you might be able to convince her for the right price - just kidding!! She does however have a cake business. Her website is She did Kate's first birthday cake and has done lots for other people. If you are in the area, I highly recommend her!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Medical School Update

I thought I would give everyone an update on our medical school journey. I've had lots of friends ask about the Match yesterday - I wish it would have been our turn, but Chris chose to sit out of the Osteopathic Match, so we will find out on March 19th our destination when the Allopathic Match is revealed. We have set for ourselves a deadline for ranking on Sunday, so please pray for wisdom - this is much harder than we thought it would be. We obviously want to follow God and his direction.

Congrats to all my friends who matched yesterday - I'm a bit jealous I must say! I know some of you were granted your wish and others are finding happiness after the shock! I cannot believe this journey began almost four years ago. It has flown in so many ways and in others it has been a long journey. I treasure the friendships I have with all of my fellow medical school spouses - so many of you are doctor's wives now (how does that sound? - I'm soon to find out!) This journey would not have been what it has been without all of you and your support (and continued support)!

Chris is finishing up his 2nd month of community hospital and will be doing ER in March. April is his month off, graduation in May, residency in July - wow, just saying all that seems crazy!! WE will squeeze in the delivery of our second baby at the end of June and find out if packing boxes and renting U-Haul's applies after March 19th!!

Big girl ready to go to her very first Valentine's Day Party. She was decked out in her V-Day outfit and I put her hair in piggy tails for the first time - she was adorable!!

The craft for our party was a crown. There were all shapes and sizes of hearts to decorate with. Some of us were not really into making the craft - we just couldn't wait for the FOOD!

Playing/watching a video while clean-up and food preparation was going on.

YUMMY!! There were cookies to decorate and lots of food to eat! We had so much fun at our MOPS Valentine's Party.

Friday, February 6, 2009

What a scare!

Kate will not be savoring food in the car anymore - or at least till momma forgets how scary tonight was!

We left some friends house a little before 9 this evening and Kate was hungry on the way home. This didn't surprise me since it was two hours past her bedtime and she really wouldn't slow down to eat anything (she ate dinner before we went). I typically have kid friendly snacks with me and I did, but she ate the cereal bar and the gerber fruit strip and wanted more. I had some cut up apple in my purse and I debated because it had peeling on it, but she eats it just fine at home so I decided to let her have it.

We were just a few minutes away from home when Chris and I heard a choking sound. I immediately turned around to see what was going on and she had her finger down her throat trying to get the apple out. Chris was swerving trying to look and I was afraid we were going to have a wreck. He turned the light on and said she's not breathing - he immediately pulled over (thank you Jesus for providing a spot - we had been on a bridge), unbuckled her seatbelt in record timing and jerked her up with one hand - the amazing instincts. I was trying to get to my phone to call 911 - okay, yes my husband is a 4th year medical student and soon to graduate, but this was my instinct - he was daddy and husband at this time, not soon to be doctor! Anyway, he attempted the heimlich maneuver, but she had started breathing. He thinks when he jerked her up it must have either gone down or dislodged. She just stared at us with the most confused look on her face and of course I'm shaking and crying my eyes out. I held her the rest of the way home in the back seat - crying!!

I was reminded of the time when she was 10 weeks old when a similar situation occurred. Initially we thought it was a seizure, but looking back on the situation, I believe she probably asperated and choked on her vomit - she had severe acid reflux. I'll never forget how I felt that day holding her in my arms rocking her back and forth yelling her name and finally she came to. It felt like centuries. I experienced that same feeling tonight and I'm still shaky inside.

Where would I be without my Jesus. He protects us, loves us and provides for our every need. I am so grateful He is always by my side. Thank you Lord for protecting my beautiful baby tonight!

16 and counting...

I love Kate and one thing I love most about her is what a great mommy she is. This girl of mine fell in love with babies - EARLY. She was barely walking, but she always had a baby by her side! Yesterday she was picking out a shirt after her bath (prior post) and saw a new baby in the top of her closet - the meltdown began. I purchased this baby for her first Christmas, but decided to hold off on it and just never had given it to her. I decided this must be the time - I didn't care for her having it, but I did not want to encourage a fit. I talked to her about how we ask for things and that we do not always get what we want - YEAH RIGHT - is what she was thinking I'm sure!

Last night Chris lined up all of her babies and Kate posed for a picture. She kept asking for more pictures, so we had a little photo shoot. Kate is a proud mommy to 16 and she's not finished yet...

Yummy paint!

I recently purchased a book every mom needs in her library of resources. A friend at MOPS recommended the book, so I quickly went home got on Amazon and purchased The Toddler's Busy Book by Trish Kuffner for less than $5 - totally worth it. I am working on stocking the house with a few things that will make doing crafts, etc. a little easier. Kate is getting to the age where she wants to do things and I enjoy working with her also.

Yesterday Kate did not nap and daddy was home sick, so we needed some entertainment. I found a V-Day craft that I knew she would love.
I mixed jello with a small amount of water to create a paste that Kate could paint with. I found some cardstock and cut out a heart and she created Valentine Cards for Grammy and Pops and Granny and PaPa.
Kate soon figured out that this paste tasted yummy. I kept telling her not to eat it (it's pure sugar and I don't want her to think you can eat paint). My threats were meaningless and I must admit it was kind of cute.
Next we painted our fingernails with it. How creative really. I do not keep my nails done and never have them painted, so I guess girls just know some things!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's for breakfast and lunch today??

Yesterday for breakfast Kate and I made banana chocholate chip pancakes- they were very yummy!! Today we were getting things out for lunch - strawberries, blueberries and I had planned on a sandwich, but she saw the pancakes and insisted that she eat it for lunch - okay! Kate is at such a fun age - she loves to help cook, clean and anything I'm doing. What a joy she is.

And the story continues...

For real, what is my deal? Last night I was finishing up dinner, needing to leave in about 15 minutes and boom - I dropped my plate on the kitchen floor and it shattered everywhere. Thanks to my dear husband who quickly cleaned it up for me. They say things come in threes - hopefully I'm done! The picture doesn't really do the mess justice, but I thought I would share!

Monday, February 2, 2009

This time it was the dressing....

Okay, so I guess pregnancy has gotten me a little shaky or something, but today it wasn't pickles that won, but it was the salad dressing in the floor board of my car!! I don't have a picture to amuse you with, but thought I would share! Mazzios has a large pizza for $6.99 on Monday nights and I added a salad to the order for myself (yes, I ate pizza, too). As I was putting the pizza and salad in the car, there went the dressing all over the floor board - darn the luck!!