Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shout out to the parents....

Well, I must say this has been a trying week! Chris was home sick with strepthroat Monday and Tuesday and then came down with an allergic reaction to his antibiotic the night before he left to take his PE Exam in Philadelphia and I cannot get relief from nausea except at night when I've drugged myself with phenagrin! I haven't had a shower since Wednesday morning (I've had a bath, but after vomitting in the shower, I decided to hold off while Chris was gone). In saying all of that I feel so blessed and am trying to stay positive.

Thank goodness for parents. My mom and dad came up this weekend since Chris was going to be gone and they have done so much. I warned my mom that the house was disastrous, but I don't think she really understood what I meant. Her comment when she walked into the kitchen went something like this, "Sara, I have to admit, I've never seen your kitchen quite like this." Awful isn't it, pure disgust. Well, I am so thankful for my mom and dad - they have helped out so much this weekend. I now have a clean house and dishes to eat off of : )

Kate is doing so well. I feel so guilty laying around, but I know what she is getting in return (a new baby brother or sister) will be a blessing to her as well. This is such a short time for a lifetime of memories! I'll try not to blog about pregnancy all the time, but I have to admit, that's what's on my mind (and stomach) right now!! I'm sure I'll be hit and miss for a while, but I'll keep you updated on my little Angel Kate and the happenings of the Robertson's!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Totally forgot....

Here I am at 8:15 blogging before I hit the sack. I totally forgot what it was like to be pregnant. You will never hear a complaint from my mouth - I am so grateful and feel blessed to have been given this miracle! I will say that the nausea and exhaustion hit me at like 5 weeks - way earlier than with Kate, but I know that means things are going good and my hormone levels are rising.

No more late nights for a while and I guess I'll catch some zzzz's while Kate is napping and before you know I'll be well into my pregnancy and won't even remember what the first few months were like!! Happy pregnancy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

4 shots and a recommendation

Today Kate had her 18 month check up (a week or so late, but we got there!) Poor thing had to get four shots. I hate watching her have to suffer pain, but I know it is for her betterment. Like any WCC the doctor asks lots of questions. Today we got on the subject of baby proofing the house. I assured the doctor that we definitely have the house baby proofed and told her a situation that recently arose. On Saturday night Chris noticed a screw was gone from the bed. He told me he had thought Kate might have been trying to unscrew the screws on her crib - I gave him an obvioiusly odd look. My first thought was, why didn't you tell me earlier - like before bedtime and my next thought was, surely she can't take her bed apart! Chris found the screw behind the bed and put it back in and checked the rest of them - tightening the others that had been loosened! Thankfully these screws are not needed to maintain the structure and safety of the bed, but my goodness taking screws out of the bed, now - where do we go from here????

I mentioned to the doctor in passing this situation and she looked at me and said, wow, I've never heard that one before. I think if she's taking her bed a part it is time for a toddler bed! She reminded me to be sure her room was baby proofed - it is and she also said to put a baby gate in the doorway so she cannot escape her room during the night. I think I might have accidentally freaked the doctor out a bit - that's my Kate! Oh how I love you!

I guess we'll be moving to a toddler bed soon - maybe after things get a little back to normal for a while.

October.... and more good news!

October has come and gone - where did it go so fast? A month that began with discouragement and frustration turned out to be the best month in a long time!
Chris started his rotation with a feeling of anxiousness and frustration with the program, but as it turns out he enjoyed the month and learned a lot. The program also ranks high on his list of residency possibilities. Amazing how in 31 days things can change so much. I am so proud of Chris and his diligence through medical school and I know he will be an amazing pediatrician someday soon!
Kate and I began the month not feeling real flexible, but as it turns out we both learned that we can get out of our routine and be successful. Kate had so much fun hanging out with Ava and getting lots of special attention from Grammy and Pops. I enjoyed the time with my family and it made me dream of living closer - not too close, but closer would be nice : )
Back and forth from OKC to Tulsa, with Kate's sickness in between, it was a hectic month. BUT, God was ready to bless the socks off of the Robertson's. What God did in our lives during the month of October is truly a miracle.I've posted about our fertility struggles on my other blog:, and never dreamed we would get pregnant during what seemed to be a very crazy month, but God saw the bigger picture. I want to give God all the glory and am thankful He didn't give me a peace to move forward with fertility treatments. I did have surgery in July for endometriosis, which was definitely causing me lots of problems and probably a big factor with our infertility. I've already seen the doctor and things look good. It was too early for a good ultrasound, so I go back next week to see that first picture of our little pea! Kate is going to welcome in her new baby brother or sister at the end of June - right before intern year (definitely not our plan, but God's!) Thanks to all those who prayed for our family through this journey.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

While Chris was home last Monday, we visited Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch and Kate really enjoyed it. This year she could walk and climb on the pumpkins which made it so much more fun for her. She was very impressed with the rabbits, chickens and ponies. She picked out a couple of small pumpkins and off we went. We had a great time hanging out at the pumpkin patch!

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Our church purchased land and now is starting the building process. This is very exciting times for our church. When Chris and I moved to Jenks we knew that it was important for us to find a church home, little did we know we would find our family away from home. Our church is so important to us and we care about our friends from church so much. They have been there for us through tough times and joyful times. We hope to have many more years of fellowship with our current church family, but if not, we know we have made life long friendships.

I love my Daddy!

There is this guy that mommy calls, Chris and I call Daddy. He is really a lot of fun and I missed our special times together the past couple of months, but thankfully we still got to see each other a lot and he made an extra effort to make me smile and spend as much time with me as he could. My daddy does lots of cool things. He goes to medical school and he is going to be a pediatrician - he likes kids like me. He also plays the piano and likes to play silly games with me. I have the best daddy in the world.

I love to wear daddy's ties around my neck like a necklace. I missed daddy's piano playing, so while he was home we caught up on our tunes!

Pomegranate (did I spell that, right? - I'm only 18 months old!) anyone? Daddy has this cool way of trying new things and he wanted me to try a new fruit. I loved this one so much that Daddy has already bought me another one - yummy!

Daddy bounced with me on the jupiter jump - so much fun! Thanks Daddy for being so great! I love you.

Halloween Fun

This year Kate had lots of Halloween events to attend. She had a blast at all of them and learned for the first time what candy was. We really didn't let her have much and she was content with the few pieces she got, but I'm guessing next year will be a different story. Here is our cute little bumble bee and 50's poodle skirt girl at the Halloween festivities for 2008. She loved sniffing the flower and attempting to blow bubbles last night. Kate thought the fishing game was really cool at Woodland Hills and are the scarecrows real?? The ring toss was a hit at our church despite the chilly wind and Spook-O-Ween was a blast. Kate stole suckers out of the candy bowls and got to catch up with her good friend Jett (aka Mickey Mouse).
Fall Frolic at Waterloo Road Baptist Church 10/31/08

Fall Festival at Woodland Hills Baptist Church 10/30/08

Fall Festival at First Baptist Jenks 10/26/08

Spook-O-Ween 10/24/08

Precious Memory

Last night we were driving home from the Fall Frolick at my brother's church. Kate is not a sleeper in the car, but it was late 9:40ish late - well past her bedtime, so I was pretty certain she would fall asleep. What she did was so cute and a lasting memory for her mama!! After being in the car about 10 minutes Kate said, "Night, Night". I said night, night baby, mama loves you and will wake you up when we get home. She wasn't quite convinced that she could just go night, night, so I thought we would say our prayers like we do at home. We prayed and Kate quickly started into Jesus Loves Me - our nightly song before bed. I think we sang Jesus Loves Me like eight times before she allowed us to stop, she kept saying more, more - so we sang more. What melted my heart most was how my highly energetic, rarely sits still little angel wanted to hold my hand while she fell asleep in the car. It killed my back and it really was a very awkward position, but come on these moments only come around once in a while! Finally she dozed off and slept peacefully all the way home! I love you, Kate.