Monday, November 3, 2008

4 shots and a recommendation

Today Kate had her 18 month check up (a week or so late, but we got there!) Poor thing had to get four shots. I hate watching her have to suffer pain, but I know it is for her betterment. Like any WCC the doctor asks lots of questions. Today we got on the subject of baby proofing the house. I assured the doctor that we definitely have the house baby proofed and told her a situation that recently arose. On Saturday night Chris noticed a screw was gone from the bed. He told me he had thought Kate might have been trying to unscrew the screws on her crib - I gave him an obvioiusly odd look. My first thought was, why didn't you tell me earlier - like before bedtime and my next thought was, surely she can't take her bed apart! Chris found the screw behind the bed and put it back in and checked the rest of them - tightening the others that had been loosened! Thankfully these screws are not needed to maintain the structure and safety of the bed, but my goodness taking screws out of the bed, now - where do we go from here????

I mentioned to the doctor in passing this situation and she looked at me and said, wow, I've never heard that one before. I think if she's taking her bed a part it is time for a toddler bed! She reminded me to be sure her room was baby proofed - it is and she also said to put a baby gate in the doorway so she cannot escape her room during the night. I think I might have accidentally freaked the doctor out a bit - that's my Kate! Oh how I love you!

I guess we'll be moving to a toddler bed soon - maybe after things get a little back to normal for a while.


Melisa said...

I hate shots. Specifically for my kids. But it needs to be done! Calet tries to get the plugs that cover screws, but she's never gotten a screw out. Good luck with that one. ;)