Monday, September 29, 2008

Fun with Daddy

Chris was gone to Arkansas last month and thankfully he was home three weekends out of four - not bad! I have a friend whose husband has been gone since August and will not be home until December. She has a six year old and a one year old - now that would be tough. Anyway, Chris has today and tomorrow off and then he will head to OKC for a rotation. This will not be near as bad due to family being so close. I am sure Kate and I will spend lots of time down south this month. Today we made a trip to the zoo. Kate loves the zoo - I'm sure you get tired of me talking about the zoo! Daddy hasn't been with us on a zoo trip in a very long time, so we felt extra special today. Feather Fest is going on right now at the zoo, but Kate was not a fan. Feather Fest is an opportunity for people to feed the birds. They give you a stick with food on it and the birds fly to you and eat off of your stick. I won't lie, I was a little freaked out myself! Chris loved it of course and had four birds on him at one time - too much for me! I forgot my camera (for a second time), but I bought an $8 camera in the gift shop - rip off I know, but I had to capture the moments! So, after I get those developed I'll post some pictures - it really was pretty cool. Also, I'm going to fix my picture problem today and get everyone caught up to date on our fun and exciting life!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

YEAH - It's Done!

So, Chris and I sat down tonight and officially applied to nine pediatric residency programs. After a long, did I say long - application process of reading and re-reading and re-reading the same personal statement and CV information, Chris finally took the plunge and I didn't stop him by any means - I was wondering if it was actually real! The APPLY button finally was pressed - yeah for Chris.

Really, this has been a long process. Any of you that have been through it, know what I'm talking about. The application in itself takes a long time to fill out and then you must write a personal statement all while continuing your rotations! I am so proud of Chris and his achievements. I couldn't ask for a better husband or daddy for Kate and there are going to be lots of very fortunate little kiddos out there in a few years that get to see Dr. Robertson! (He diagnosed yet another ear infection of one of our friends little ones - not official yet, but it will be tomorrow after the little one goes to the doctor.)

The next step: waiting on interviews. We really hope to stay here in our town, but we know that God has His plans for us and we would never want to get in the way. We are praying for God to take us to the right place and hopefully that's right here, but we know that it might not be. Interviews will start in November and finish up in January. The match will take place in March (Chris is applying to allopathic programs) and then we'll know where we'll be for the next three years of residency - exciting and nervous all at the same time! Chris is thinking he wants to do a fellowship, so that will be an additional three years after residency - will this madness ever end???? Just kidding, I'm very excited and try to keep a positive attitude about our "adventure" - I know God has a plan for us!

We'll keep you updated on our progress through this last journey of medical school! I cannot believe how fast it has gone. All my friends said it would fly, but I didn't believe them and here we are - taking off!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Poor pitiful me!

Okay, so this is kind of a feel sorry for me post! No really, I'm fine, but I'm being a bit lazy. If you've been reading my blog for a little while you know my luck with uploading pictures, etc. - not good. Anyway, a new problem has risen and I know I can fix it myself, but I just don't feel like it - I AM EXHAUSTED!!! Somehow the folder I was uploading to has two different names in my photo area and it caused a big to do!! I'll fix it soon, but no pictures until I get around to it I guess!

We had a great weekend with Chris home - went by way toooooooo fast! We changed our office to a playroom and I love it. All of Kate's toys have a home now. We decided the office was becoming a place to put junk that we really didn't need, so we are having a garage sale this weekend to get rid of it! We are in the process of switching our room around and finally hanging pictures (3 years later) - about time to do something in our bedroom. Don't they say your bedroom should be a sanctuary (I missed that part somewhere around the dirty laundry piles)!

Kate and I went to the zoo this morning and ran into a friend from church and met up with the SAA playgroup at 10:30. I am really excited that we have so many MSI's involved this year. There was a time that I thought SAA might be done at the end of last year, but God knew better. He has brought in lots of families this year and SAA is alive and strong - yeah!!

I guess I had more to say than I thought. Pray for my motivation - in turn you might get to see some pictures of my most beautiful girl ever KATE!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chris is home!

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while, but I promise there will be new pictures soon and an update on our lives. Chris is home for the rest of the week - he took his Step 2 Boards today - urgh!! One more step closer to being a "real" doctor!! I am so proud of him!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today was Kate's first time to visit the library. I cannot believe I haven't taken her before because she loves to read and we basically have a small library of our own. We went to storytime this morning and she loved it. Of course the best part was climbing up and down the stairs, but she also liked all the singing that went along with the stories. It is wonderful to have this opportunity so close to us. I had to take a few pictures since it was her first time ever. We met our friends Kara and Parker and they had lots of fun, too! I cannot believe how big she is getting - time just flies by (kind of sad)!

Monday, September 8, 2008

1st SAA playdate

Today Kate and I went to our very first SAA playdate. I had the best of intentions to make it last year, but it was always in the middle of her nap and naps are precious to me!! For those of you who do not know what SAA is, it is a support group for spouses and significant others of medical students. I have been actively involved in SAA while Chris has been in medical school. I cannot believe this journey is on the downward slide and SAA is soon to end for me. It has provided valuable frienships and I have had opportunities to meet interesting people and learn so much about the osteopathic profession. I even went to Las Vegas one year to the convention - the year I was president - maybe a little too involved that year : ) Just kidding I enjoyed it, but it is a lot of work!!

Here are some pictures of the kiddos playing at Derrica's house. We'll be heading off to the zoo in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see everyone there.

My little baker

Kate and I made Chris chocolate chip cookies this weekend. She had so much fun helping me stir and pour - she even had a taste of flour and vanilla. She didn't seem to mind either too much. After I put the egg in I had to send her outside to play with Daddy so I could put them on the cookie sheet without little fingers testing raw egg!! We had such a fun weekend while Chris was home - precious time!

Grocery helper

Friday after Kate woke up from her nap we had to hit the grocery store - we were near nothing in the frig or pantry!! Anyway, while we were shopping Chris got home, so we anxiously hurried and managed to make it a quick trip. Kate likes to help carry in the groceries and put them away. She puts everything on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Here is a picture of her putting water bottles away. She helped us sooo much - maybe a little too much : )

Labor Day Weekend/Week

Chris, Kate and I went to visit my parents for the Labor Day weekend and to go to an OU football game. I didn't take my camera, so I don't have any pictures, but we had lots of fun. My parents have 7 season tickets, so it is a family event!

Chris had to leave Monday for his rotation, so Kate and I stayed with my parents for the week. We had lots of fun with family. Kate and Ava played and played while my sister and I did some shopping for Emily's (our sister-in-law) baby shower. I also got to go see the muscial Mamma Mia - excellent is all I have to say! Here are a few snapshots from the week. You'll notice my little dog whisper taunting the dogs with her snack and who knew that diaper boxes could be so much fun!

Kate the sticker queen

While visiting my parents Kate found some stickers and decided to decorate her entire body. She had a blast and showed them off to anyone who would look. She was entertained for quite a while, but got frustrated when they would not stick back to the paper they came off of - hard to explain to her why!

Babies anyone????

I know I've talked about how much Kate loves her babies before, but I just couldn't resist sharing this photos. Kate had all her babies loaded in her grocery cart and she took them to her favorite place to play - the entry to our bedroom. Isn't she a cutie!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So much to say...

Well, here we are staying busy as usual. I thought I would drop a note to catch you up on what's going on with the Robertson's. Chris is busy with a rotation away, but we are so glad to see him on the weekends!! Kate and I spent last week with my mom and dad and she got to hang out with her cousin Ava so much - she had a blast! Things are starting to get busy again for me, too. SAA is kicking off this week and MOPS will be starting on the 17th. I am so excited for all of the fall happenings! I would post pictures but they are still on the camera and I have an enormous headache - tension and stress I think. Anyway, Kate is in bed and I'm going to go read myself to sleep and RELAX!! I'll post pictures tomorrow, hopefully ; )