Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas - a little late!

What a blessed time we have had over the Christmas season. Chris had a wonderful rotation this month and had all of last week off and this week until Friday - amazing!! We celebrated our family Christmas on Monday, December 22nd so Kate could play with her new toys a day before we left. On Tuesday I had an OB appointment and we got some amazing pictures of our little girl or guy and then we headed out of town. We had a busy week filled with family, food and fun. I have still been struggling with nausea and vomitting, but I told the devil he was not stealing my joy this holiday season and he didn't win!! I cannot remember the last time that all of my siblings were able to stay at my parents house for such an extended time (almost a week) - it was crazy but my goodness we had a blast (10 adults - one pregnant with occasional vomitting, 2 toddlers, 1 three week old baby, and 7 dogs). I know some of you are thinking that doesn't sound fun at all, but that's how it is at the Townley's! When we got home today it seemed so quiet and I miss my family so much.

I have to document a few favorite memories of Kate over the holiday. On Christmas morning for us (the 22nd), we got up and had a "special" breakfast and sang happy birthday to baby Jesus. We then read the Christmas story and acted it out with Kate's little people Christmas set. She had a lot of fun. Right as we were ready to let her look into the living room, we realized there were not working batteries in the house for the camera - off to wal-mart we went at 7:45 am. Upon our return we got everything ready to go - I wanted to capture the moment. She rounded the corner from our bedroom and it was priceless - she saw her new (to her) kitchen and she goes "wow", and took off running towards it. I will never forget the look on her face. Chris had arranged dishes and food to make it very appealing - she was basically done once she saw her kitchen, but we convinced her there were other fun things, too. She wasn't into opening presents really, so it was good that I only had two wrapped for her to dig into and one in a sack. There were puzzles sitting out and some books - we had such a great time!

If I had had my camera, I am sure I would be $100,000 richer after submitting Kate's sneakiness to America's Funniest Home Videos. At an extended family Christmas that took place at my sister's house, my mom and sister and I were getting things ready (I was mainly eating off the appetizer/dessert table) when Kate snuck up to the table and casually grabbed a piece of chocolate fudge, took a bite and slipped it back into it's place on the bottom of the pile. It was hillarious - she obviously loved it and had a couple more bites after I retrieved it.

I could go on and on about the fun that we had over the past week. I feel so blessed to have a loving family that truly remembers the meaning of Christmas. Christmas can be a hectic time of year, but for Chris, Kate and me we were able to relax and celebrate Jesus, our saviour and reason for Christmas. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas letter

Getting Christmas cards/Christmas letters out this year has been difficult. I wrote my letter on December 4th and here it is December 18th and they have still not left my house. We took family Christmas pictures last week and ordered Christmas cards (got a great deal 50% off) - guess what, when Chris picked up the pictures on Tuesday, they forgot to put the cards in with the order - oops!! I will be picking those up on the 23rd of December, so those of you who will be receiving a card from us will be getting it after Christmas this year - oh well, what can you do?

Today I started printing my Christmas letter and after two great copies, the printer decided to run out of ink - urgh! I'm not sure if my letter is meant to be this year : ) I don't typically send my letter to our local friends - you know what our lives have held over the year. We've been sending a Christmas letter to family and friends since our first year of marriage. I love looking back at the letters from the past years and remembering what was important at that time in our life. Writing our family Christmas letter has become a way for me to be greatful for the blessings of the year. Reflecting over the year truly shows how God has provided for us in so many ways. Here is the Robertson's 2008 Christmas Letter - I hope you enjoy.

What a year it has been! From out of state rotations, to residency interviews for Chris; walking and talking for Kate; and business for Sara. I always think things will calm down, but the opposite seems to prevail in the Robertson household. Praise to our Father above for always providing and showing us His love. I hope you enjoy our Christmas letter and the memories of our year!

Kate is full of energy and life. I never knew a little girl of her mischief and adventure could be my daughter! Kate is the life of the party and if a party is not in sight, she must find the nearest one. Kate loves rocking her baby dolls, feeding them, reading to them and they often find themselves going night night. She loves her dogs, Parker and Bentley and cries when we leave them to be groomed. Kate loves the aquarium and zoo and can name just about any animal, or give a sign for it. One of the only times Kate sits still is for a story. She loves to read and really enjoyed reading time at the library the few times we were able to go. Kate is such a precious child, a true gift from God and she brings complete joy to our lives.

Chris is an amazing daddy and loves Kate to pieces. He finds himself flying in from his current rotation to be greeted with a hug and a kiss and help removing his tie and shoes from his little princess. He proceeds to play hide and seek or wrestle with Kate and often they play the piano together. What a joy it is for me to watch their relationship blossom as father and daughter. Chris has decided to pursue a residency in pediatrics and will officially be a doctor in May – yeah, we are so excited! He has interviewed in the surrounding states and we will find out our destination in mid March.

I am still staying at home full time and love every minute of it. Kate and I enjoy getting together with other moms and kiddos for play dates and love our MOPS group at church. I am still involved with SAA, the medical school spouse’s organization, but it has proven to be a little harder with Chris’s 4th year schedule! A new thing I have taken to this year is blogging. It is a fun way to keep in touch with friends who have moved and for family and friends to keep up with us. Our blog address is I typically keep our site updated, so check us out!

Our biggest and most exciting news is the miracle we will be welcoming into the world in late June. That’s right; Kate is going to be a big sister. God has truly blessed our family and we could not be happier. This has not been an easy journey, but God is faithful and proves that to our family over and over. I needed surgery before becoming pregnant a second time and had some health issues this summer, but God took care of me and is allowing my dream of being a mom a second time come to fruition.

We are so grateful for the blessings of 2008. We pray this letter finds your family in joyous times as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Merry Christmas!

Chris, Sara and Kate Robertson

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And the list goes on....

Okay, I just want to give a quick update on the Robertson's. I am doing a ton better - still have my days, but as long as I take my "miracle drug" and lie down for 20 minutes or so afterwards, I can basically function throughout the day until the evening, but Chris is home and rescues me - yeah!! I owe him so much - he really has stepped up and I've been calling him "Mr. Mom" - I don't know that he thinks it's funny, but he is working hard.

Speaking of Chris, wow - all you intern and resident spouses - the interviewing process is not an easy one. There are so many decisions to be made - move your family? Stay with the familiar? Leave family and friends that mean so much? THIS IS MUCH HARDER than I ever thought it would be. We are praying a lot and doing our best to rely on the fact that it is a match process, so ultimately we are not in control. Match - how confusing really. If anyone has this system figured out, we would love to know the secrets!

Kate is thriving! What fun she is right now - I think this might be the best stage ever. She is talking so much and imitates everything we do. I cannot wait to see her at Christmas - she'll probably be overwhelmed by the time it is all finished.

I cannot stay long - so much to do in the Robertson household (there are so many things to say since I've been out of the loop for a while, but I must go). I'm still not doing a whole lot and thought I would skip the nap today and try to get the christmas letters printed and addressed, wrap some gifts, sort laundry, and maybe even tackle the kitchen (not sure about that one - not into dirty dishes right now). The list is endless here in the Robertson household. I never knew how much I did on a regular basis. I think one positive thing about being so sick is that it has shown both Chris and me how much we take each other for granted - not on purpose, but it is true.

I'll leave you with this cuteness!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Wow, how crazy things have been. I just thought I would keep you updated on my cute little angel and the happenings of the Robertson's. I guess it has almost been a month since my last post and I really do not even know where to start. I do not want to focus on the pregnancy blues, but I'll give a quick update. I've been very sick - vomitting like 5-7 times a day (but thankfully about a week and a half ago I started taking Zophran - miracle drug). While taking my medicine I usually manage to limit the vomiting to once or twice a day and sometimes I get lucky and keep everything down - yeah, but nausea is ever present - can't have it all I guess!! This has been challenging emotionally and physically. I feel so blessed to be expecting a miracle, but it has been hard to not get depressed about not feeling well. There have been days I didn't know if I was going to make it - hopefully those are on their way out and with my second trimester approaching I will begin to feel much better! I know God has a plan for our family and that is what I must cling to.

On a more positive note, Kate seems to be embracing mommy's sickness well. She keeps herself busy with puzzles and her babies and occasionally grabs my vomit bucket and mimicks mommy (surely she'll forget this soon!) She has gotten so big and talking up a stream. Her first complete sentence was, "I see you." - cute isn't it. This comes from playing hide and seek with Daddy. I don't have pictures to post, but hopefully before too long I'll take the time to show you some of her most recent cuteness!

Isn't this the most wonderful time of the year: spending time with family, listening to Christmas music and just simply feeling warm inside - I love it!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shout out to the parents....

Well, I must say this has been a trying week! Chris was home sick with strepthroat Monday and Tuesday and then came down with an allergic reaction to his antibiotic the night before he left to take his PE Exam in Philadelphia and I cannot get relief from nausea except at night when I've drugged myself with phenagrin! I haven't had a shower since Wednesday morning (I've had a bath, but after vomitting in the shower, I decided to hold off while Chris was gone). In saying all of that I feel so blessed and am trying to stay positive.

Thank goodness for parents. My mom and dad came up this weekend since Chris was going to be gone and they have done so much. I warned my mom that the house was disastrous, but I don't think she really understood what I meant. Her comment when she walked into the kitchen went something like this, "Sara, I have to admit, I've never seen your kitchen quite like this." Awful isn't it, pure disgust. Well, I am so thankful for my mom and dad - they have helped out so much this weekend. I now have a clean house and dishes to eat off of : )

Kate is doing so well. I feel so guilty laying around, but I know what she is getting in return (a new baby brother or sister) will be a blessing to her as well. This is such a short time for a lifetime of memories! I'll try not to blog about pregnancy all the time, but I have to admit, that's what's on my mind (and stomach) right now!! I'm sure I'll be hit and miss for a while, but I'll keep you updated on my little Angel Kate and the happenings of the Robertson's!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Totally forgot....

Here I am at 8:15 blogging before I hit the sack. I totally forgot what it was like to be pregnant. You will never hear a complaint from my mouth - I am so grateful and feel blessed to have been given this miracle! I will say that the nausea and exhaustion hit me at like 5 weeks - way earlier than with Kate, but I know that means things are going good and my hormone levels are rising.

No more late nights for a while and I guess I'll catch some zzzz's while Kate is napping and before you know I'll be well into my pregnancy and won't even remember what the first few months were like!! Happy pregnancy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

4 shots and a recommendation

Today Kate had her 18 month check up (a week or so late, but we got there!) Poor thing had to get four shots. I hate watching her have to suffer pain, but I know it is for her betterment. Like any WCC the doctor asks lots of questions. Today we got on the subject of baby proofing the house. I assured the doctor that we definitely have the house baby proofed and told her a situation that recently arose. On Saturday night Chris noticed a screw was gone from the bed. He told me he had thought Kate might have been trying to unscrew the screws on her crib - I gave him an obvioiusly odd look. My first thought was, why didn't you tell me earlier - like before bedtime and my next thought was, surely she can't take her bed apart! Chris found the screw behind the bed and put it back in and checked the rest of them - tightening the others that had been loosened! Thankfully these screws are not needed to maintain the structure and safety of the bed, but my goodness taking screws out of the bed, now - where do we go from here????

I mentioned to the doctor in passing this situation and she looked at me and said, wow, I've never heard that one before. I think if she's taking her bed a part it is time for a toddler bed! She reminded me to be sure her room was baby proofed - it is and she also said to put a baby gate in the doorway so she cannot escape her room during the night. I think I might have accidentally freaked the doctor out a bit - that's my Kate! Oh how I love you!

I guess we'll be moving to a toddler bed soon - maybe after things get a little back to normal for a while.

October.... and more good news!

October has come and gone - where did it go so fast? A month that began with discouragement and frustration turned out to be the best month in a long time!
Chris started his rotation with a feeling of anxiousness and frustration with the program, but as it turns out he enjoyed the month and learned a lot. The program also ranks high on his list of residency possibilities. Amazing how in 31 days things can change so much. I am so proud of Chris and his diligence through medical school and I know he will be an amazing pediatrician someday soon!
Kate and I began the month not feeling real flexible, but as it turns out we both learned that we can get out of our routine and be successful. Kate had so much fun hanging out with Ava and getting lots of special attention from Grammy and Pops. I enjoyed the time with my family and it made me dream of living closer - not too close, but closer would be nice : )
Back and forth from OKC to Tulsa, with Kate's sickness in between, it was a hectic month. BUT, God was ready to bless the socks off of the Robertson's. What God did in our lives during the month of October is truly a miracle.I've posted about our fertility struggles on my other blog:, and never dreamed we would get pregnant during what seemed to be a very crazy month, but God saw the bigger picture. I want to give God all the glory and am thankful He didn't give me a peace to move forward with fertility treatments. I did have surgery in July for endometriosis, which was definitely causing me lots of problems and probably a big factor with our infertility. I've already seen the doctor and things look good. It was too early for a good ultrasound, so I go back next week to see that first picture of our little pea! Kate is going to welcome in her new baby brother or sister at the end of June - right before intern year (definitely not our plan, but God's!) Thanks to all those who prayed for our family through this journey.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

While Chris was home last Monday, we visited Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch and Kate really enjoyed it. This year she could walk and climb on the pumpkins which made it so much more fun for her. She was very impressed with the rabbits, chickens and ponies. She picked out a couple of small pumpkins and off we went. We had a great time hanging out at the pumpkin patch!

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Our church purchased land and now is starting the building process. This is very exciting times for our church. When Chris and I moved to Jenks we knew that it was important for us to find a church home, little did we know we would find our family away from home. Our church is so important to us and we care about our friends from church so much. They have been there for us through tough times and joyful times. We hope to have many more years of fellowship with our current church family, but if not, we know we have made life long friendships.

I love my Daddy!

There is this guy that mommy calls, Chris and I call Daddy. He is really a lot of fun and I missed our special times together the past couple of months, but thankfully we still got to see each other a lot and he made an extra effort to make me smile and spend as much time with me as he could. My daddy does lots of cool things. He goes to medical school and he is going to be a pediatrician - he likes kids like me. He also plays the piano and likes to play silly games with me. I have the best daddy in the world.

I love to wear daddy's ties around my neck like a necklace. I missed daddy's piano playing, so while he was home we caught up on our tunes!

Pomegranate (did I spell that, right? - I'm only 18 months old!) anyone? Daddy has this cool way of trying new things and he wanted me to try a new fruit. I loved this one so much that Daddy has already bought me another one - yummy!

Daddy bounced with me on the jupiter jump - so much fun! Thanks Daddy for being so great! I love you.

Halloween Fun

This year Kate had lots of Halloween events to attend. She had a blast at all of them and learned for the first time what candy was. We really didn't let her have much and she was content with the few pieces she got, but I'm guessing next year will be a different story. Here is our cute little bumble bee and 50's poodle skirt girl at the Halloween festivities for 2008. She loved sniffing the flower and attempting to blow bubbles last night. Kate thought the fishing game was really cool at Woodland Hills and are the scarecrows real?? The ring toss was a hit at our church despite the chilly wind and Spook-O-Ween was a blast. Kate stole suckers out of the candy bowls and got to catch up with her good friend Jett (aka Mickey Mouse).
Fall Frolic at Waterloo Road Baptist Church 10/31/08

Fall Festival at Woodland Hills Baptist Church 10/30/08

Fall Festival at First Baptist Jenks 10/26/08

Spook-O-Ween 10/24/08

Precious Memory

Last night we were driving home from the Fall Frolick at my brother's church. Kate is not a sleeper in the car, but it was late 9:40ish late - well past her bedtime, so I was pretty certain she would fall asleep. What she did was so cute and a lasting memory for her mama!! After being in the car about 10 minutes Kate said, "Night, Night". I said night, night baby, mama loves you and will wake you up when we get home. She wasn't quite convinced that she could just go night, night, so I thought we would say our prayers like we do at home. We prayed and Kate quickly started into Jesus Loves Me - our nightly song before bed. I think we sang Jesus Loves Me like eight times before she allowed us to stop, she kept saying more, more - so we sang more. What melted my heart most was how my highly energetic, rarely sits still little angel wanted to hold my hand while she fell asleep in the car. It killed my back and it really was a very awkward position, but come on these moments only come around once in a while! Finally she dozed off and slept peacefully all the way home! I love you, Kate.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back in OKC

I just thought I was up for staying home by myself another week!! But, after a fun-filled weekend, I just couldn't stay put! Friday evening my mom came up to help with Kate while I decorated and prepared for the medical school's annual spook-o-ween! I have lots of pictures that I can't wait to share, but they are on my home computer - so sad. On Saturday we made a mad dash to the city for my sister-in-laws baby shower and back home that evening. Chris was off on Sunday and Monday (yeah, they let him take two days off in a row!!). We had a great weekend filled with lots of fun. On Monday we had Kate's 18 month pictures made - disastrous, but makes it easier to pick pictures and not spend to much money! We also made a trip to the pumpkin patch - so much fun. Kate loved the animals and informed me that she would ride the pony, but I had doubts, so I thought we would try that next year. All in all we had a wonderful time with Chris and I couldn't bare to not come back to OKC for the rest of the week. I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and my mom decided to take off work to help me out and then I rode back with her - aren't moms the greatest! So, here we are in OKC for the rest of the week. On Thursday evening my sister's church is having a fall festival that we are going to attend and on Friday evening we are heading to Edmond to attend the festival at Waterloo Road where my sister in law is the preschool minister. Kate is going to have a blast and we have a full week ahead of us. Probably won't be blogging much this week, but I'll catch back up with you all sometime soon! Have a wonderful week and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Look what I found...

I contemplated whether or not I could/should post this picture, but then I decided everything was covered that might be considered inappropriate and this is just to darn cute to pass up. On Wednesday afternoon I laid Kate down for her nap in a t-shirt and diaper. She refused pants after her diaper change, but no longer will refusal work. It took her about 20 minutes to fall asleep which I thought was a little odd, but she was chatting and seemed very happy. When I went to check on her this is what I found....

I cracked up (no pun intended) and I guess she worked pretty hard to get the diaper off because she had some irritation on her bottom from tugging at the diaper. I made an attempt to put the diaper back on - there was no way I was waking her up to do it. I got it half way on and decided to attempt the other half in a few minutes. She stirred with the second attempt, so I hit the ground and after I was sure she was back to sleep due to her breathing pattern I arose from my hiding place and found her diaperless again - I decided she could wint this one. Much to my surprise she woke up dry!! No more naps with a t-shirt and diaper only!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Night, Night

This post is more for me than anything - I don't want to forget the cute little things Kate does. Blogging is the only way I'm keeping up - I don't seem to have time to scrapbook anymore. Anyway, Kate has started a new habit before bed that is tooooo cute. She has to kiss both Parker and Bentley (our dogs) before she is content to go night, night. She is obsessed with Parker and always wants to know where he is at and what he is up to. Bentley on the other hand doesn't rank near as high - not sure why. It is fun to watch them play together, it's what makes me happy we have dogs!

Surprise Visit

Chris was on call Monday night, so he got off around 12:30 on Tuesday and decided to pay Kate and me a surprise visit. Boy were we excited. Of course this was totally irrational, but lots of good things happened while Chris was home for a short visit. We decided to go out for dinner and hit the aquarium since Tuesday they have later hours. Kate did not like our choice of a restaurant, so for the first time in her life, we drove through McDonald's and she enjoyed chicken nuggets and apples. I knew she would love them, but you know I was holding off as long as possible. I took a picture of her cramming them down her throat in her carseat. Kate loves the aquarium and we frequent it often. She especially loved it Tuesday evening because she got to run free - there were not a lot of visitors. I love watching her expressions as though each visit is the first time and the best! We had such a fun time and can't wait for Chris to be home in November!!!

Yummy chicken nuggets!

Wow, can I really touch them? No, wait, I don't think I want to!
Little nervous, but I was finally brave enough to touch his teeth.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Inquisitive Kate

My mommy finally decided to upload pictures and get them straightened out from the silly computer organizing them incorrectly. I wanted her to share some fun pictures that show my personality. I hope you enjoy - I always do!

Playing with play dough at the Parents as Teachers play date. Mommy was a little embarrassed afterwards because I wanted to do things my way - why can't I take the play dough to the baby station and the finger paints to the sand and water area??Don't I look pretty? Granny let me play with her lipstick and I painted my face.
Here I am checking mommy's blog - it seems to be about me a lot. I guess I am pretty great!

Blueberries - mmmm- my favorite. I really like mommy's blueberry pancakes, too!Riding my tricycle with daddy right by my side. He's such a good daddy!Stylin' in my sunglasses a couple of weeks ago at baby Elliana's shower - she'll be here soon and I'll have to share attention!!Here I am acting as a doggy! I just think this door is soooo cool.Grammy is the best. She helped Ava and me make a tent outside. It was a little windy so it didn't last long, but it sure was fun.OU vs. TEXAS - that's all pops was interested in that day, well except Ava and me. He let us listen to the game on the radio with him, until we started fighting - sometimes I hate sharing!!!While I was sick I still found some time to have fun (in between diarrhea diapers - they were so gross, I felt sorry for my mommy and for me, too). Grammy bought Ava and me a bumblee bee and ladybug costume. We love them! We took pictures together in them at Target - aren't we the cutest ever!I was sooo excited to be home, but I miss Ava and ask about her often. On of the first things I did was gather up lots of books and take them to mommy and daddy's bedroom and I sat down on Parker's bed and read while mommy unpacked a little bit - I love to read!

Daddy and Mommy's bible fellowship class had a halloween playdate for all the mommy's and their kids. I love hanging out with my friends from church. I forgot my bumble bee costume, so mommy used this word I didn't quite understand (improvise) - I wore my poodle skirt from my first birthday - I think I look pretty and cute!
And today I loaded up my baby dolls and we strolled around the house. It sure would be hard to have twins - I was barely able to carry both my babies. Mommy says that's it for today and we're all caught up. She says there are a couple more posts, but she has to do them herself - bummer!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What a Week!

Wow, what a week I have had. My last post eluded to what my week was made of - vomit and diarrhea, but man my poor little girl was SICK! It all started Monday night with her first bad diaper and by Wednesday she had vomitted and began her milky diarrhea which continued until yesterday!! A few times I thought we were going to have to take her to the ER due to dehydration, but thankfully pedialite has marketed popsicles - yeah!! Kate just wasn't drinking or eating much - I've never seen her this sick. I just hated it.

We're back home and I think we are both excited. We enjoyed our mini vacation, but there's no bed like your own. Kate grinned real big when we walked in and it took her less than a minute to have her toys strung from the playroom to the kitchen. She was so excited to have her baby's back. We have a busy week ahead of us and hopefully Chris will make an appearance sometime this weekend!

I may be in and out this week - much like last. I've got lots of things to do and people to see - maybe I'll catch up with you! My obsession will be over this week - pictures will be posted!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Someone Loved Me

Hmmm...I'll just say someone loved me lots when I was a little girl and today I learned what a mother's love truly is. It began about 6:00 am this morning when I was covered with vomit from head to waist and poor Kate was scared beyond belief and continued throughout the day as I wiped more diarrhea (that was the consistency of milk people) than I ever imagined possible. Okay, so this is a disgusting post, but if you're a mother you know what I'm talking about. I love Kate and honestly don't mind the vomit and diarrhea - I hate that she is sick! Today I realized how much we moms truly love our little ones - enough to skip a shower for two days despite the lingering vomit smell and merely light candles to try and disguise the scent of diarrhea.

There is a nasty virus going around and Kate caught hold of it and started not feeling well yesterday, but today was hopefully the worst. I got lots of cuddling today (that part I loved), but I am exhausted - having a sick kid is not easy! I'm sure tomorrow will be a much brighter day - and I'll smell much better!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have to document a few things Kate has said/done lately - too cute to forget. I cook breakfast each morning for Kate and I and Chris if he is at home. One thing I have learned is that a good day typically starts with a good breakfast. We sit down together at the table and eat as a family, most always we pray before each meal. Kate consistently concludes the prayer with "Amen" - it sounds very much like - oh, boy - Chris thinks this is hillarious. Anyway, yesterday morning I made breakfast for Kate, Ava, Amy (my sister), and myself. We all sat down and began to eat and shortly into our breakfast Kate looked at me and said, "Amen". I grinned and said, we forget to say our prayers didn't we. We stopped and said our prayer and then she was good to finish breakfast! I'm not bragging on myself - we are not the perfect little christian family by any means, but we are trying to train her up the correct way and I was proud of her for knowing what we are supposed to do before we eat.

On Friday evening Chris, Kate and I were eating dinner with my parents. My mom and dad were joking with each other and my mom called my dad an elephant - much to our surprise, Kate made her sign for elephant. We all thought it was hillarious. Before you think we're a big baby sign family, I have to give a disclaimer. Kate didn't take much to signs until I taught her a few animal signs that I made up myself. Now, we have a sign for just about every animal you can think of - I guess you could call it Sara's signs! But, once she realized all the attention she got for communicating with signs, she began to use the signs I had been trying to teach her - it really is cute, but I didn't teach her near as many as I should/could have.

One last story on Kate. I've alluded to the idea that I might have a "stinker" on my hands. I love my little stinker and wouldn't trade her for anything, but sometimes things get a little hairy with my experimenter, climber, pushes you to the limit, takes one last glance to be certain you aren't looking at her when she makes her last attempt to do what she was told not to do, ANGEL! I could tell story after story of her great climbing endeavors, but we all know how those turn out, usually. So far, we have had no broken bones and she actually hasn't fallen that many times, I seem to always look just at the right time, hopefully we continue down our path of safety - said loosely. So how does this "stinker" go from climber to cuddler all in the same day? I tell you it's books. This girl loves to read. Chris and I started reading to her at an early age and it has paid off. Reading is about the only time she cuddles in my lap and sits still. I cherish these moments and always will. She has lots of favorites, but right now she is really enjoying a book I bought at a garage sale for a quarter - bargain. It is titled "When I Go to the Farm". It discusses all the things you would see at a farm and on each page is a pig that is hiding in various places. She loves to find the pig and just cackles when she does. Isn't it amazing that she could read this book over and over and over and over.... and still laugh! How I wish I had that kind of humor and curiosity at times.

Kate - four letters, one word, that means so much to me. I love you!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Review

Here is a quick recap of the Robertson's weekend. Thursday night Chris and I got to go out - yeah on a real date! My sister and her husband went to the OU vs. Texas game (no rude comments - yes OU, lost!!), so they had tickets to the "Pajama Game" that were not going to be used. Chris and I gladly took them and met up with my brother and his wife. We had dinner and enjoyed the show. My parents kept Kate over night so Chris and I had some alone time - ; )

Friday morning I had the house to myself. I watched Grey's Anatomy that had been DVR'd - how nice it was to watch in perfect quietness and layed around for a few hours doing things that I like to do - nice! I finally urged myself to head to my parents house to help out with the girls. Much to my surprise Chris called me around noon and he was headed home - off early!!! I like these kind of surprises.

Chris built the girls a tent out of blankets and chairs (my little brother started this at my mom and dad's and now the girls expect it when they are there). They played with their baby dolls in their tent - how much fun they had! On Saturday they listened to the OU game on Pops's earphones until they fought over them too much. They helped cook dinner with their kitchen utensils and kept us very busy.

All in all we had a wonderful weekend and things are going much better! Chris has gotten excellent feedback from the program he is at and gained much respect. He was told that he was operating as an Intern well into their first year. I told him he should have mentioned to them it was due to his Osteopathic upbringing (he's at an allopathic program)!! : )

How I miss the pics!

So I've been browsing friends' blogs and looking at all the cute pics and it makes me think - man I really need to upload my pictures and post some. We'll have to play a quick catch up game in one post next week when I return home so we don't have a ton of picture posts. I'll just say my friends have some really cute kids that do funny things!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Breath of Fresh Air

Wow, how so much can change in just a few short days. My last post was a bit negative and things seemed to be crumbling. As much as I wanted to run back home where I knew my beautiful little girl would sleep wonderfully and take three hour naps and I would be in the comfort of my own house, I didn't! People, this is huge for me - I run when things get tough. I decided I needed to stay for my husband and show him how much I cared for him and that I could be a traveler - goodness knows I am not!

After a rough Monday night, we changed things up a bit and Kate went to bed without a fuss and slept until 7:20 the next morning - yeah! All you moms out there know how important sleep is. I think God must give us some extra hormone after a new baby is born because I don't remember it being that hard when Kate was tiny - I'm sure it is just a blocked memory!! Anyway, things haven't been perfect, but Kate and I are adjusting. We are learning that we can do this - live outside of our routine. I am a very routined person - I eat the same thing almost every day for lunch and I basically follow a schedule of my day to day activities. This seems to be the way I have learned to cope with life. Chris's schedule is just plum crazy, so I have overcompensated for that at times : ) In saying all of that, I have created a child who is a lot like her mommy - not a bad thing, but sometimes it is challenging.

Chris and I are making a quick trip home this evening to get our mail, pay some bills, check on the house, and go to our church tomorrow morning. We're heading back down Sunday night for another week of living with my sister. Who by the way has been more than gracious!! Also, Kate has been getting lots of spoiling from the grandparents - don't know what she's going to think when we're back home the 3rd week in October - withdrawals may occur!

On another positive note, Chris is enjoying his rotation now and has gotten positive feedback. He has scheduled six interviews for the month of December and is very excited about this step in becoming a doctor. Our prayer is that we can stay put where we are at, but we know God's plan will be perfect!

Hope to see you all soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where is November?

Hello, it has been a while since my last post and an even longer time since pictures! Life is crazy. I am documenting this for myself so I can remember how crazy life can be at times. I know some of my friends have it far worse and mine pales in comparison; however, that doesn't change the fact that I cannot wait for November to arrive. Chris was out of town in September, but it didn't seem so bad. He really liked the program he was at and enjoyed Pediatric Infectious Disease - enough that he thinks he might do a fellowship in it - 4 years from now, so lots can change! He was home on 3 out of 4 weekends and honestly I kept busy with my committments and Kate and I had lots of fun making memories. We spent time with friends, went to story time at the library and frequented the zoo. We made it and it actually wasn't that bad. This month seems to be a different story. Chris is closer to home and staying with my sister, so I feel like we should spend more time together, but he has far less free time. He only gets 4 days off, with stipulations as to how he can take them, this month (I know that is not unusual for CORE or intern year, but he's a 4th year - it's supposed to be easier!!). Also, he is not crazy about the program he is rotating at. It is not as organized as Chris would like and no one seems to really be in charge - did I mention October has 31 days!!! Okay, so I'm complaining and I need to find the good in the situation. I am thankful for Chris's attitude and willingness to work hard despite his circumstances. I am also thankful for the time I am getting to spend with my family - even though Kate is not a good traveler and my 11 hour sleeper at night didn't go to sleep until 1 am last night!!!

On a positive note - Chris has been asked to 5 interviews and should be getting more soon. I cannot believe we will be traveling to interviews in December and then know where we are going for residency in March and he'll graduate in May - YEAH!! We'll enjoy a few months off and then - boom back into hecticness : )

No promises on pictures - I'll just tell you Kate is getting so big and grown up and beautiful as ever. I have lots of fun things to share with you and next time I'm home with a spare moment I'll catch everyone up (or bore you to tears)!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fun with Daddy

Chris was gone to Arkansas last month and thankfully he was home three weekends out of four - not bad! I have a friend whose husband has been gone since August and will not be home until December. She has a six year old and a one year old - now that would be tough. Anyway, Chris has today and tomorrow off and then he will head to OKC for a rotation. This will not be near as bad due to family being so close. I am sure Kate and I will spend lots of time down south this month. Today we made a trip to the zoo. Kate loves the zoo - I'm sure you get tired of me talking about the zoo! Daddy hasn't been with us on a zoo trip in a very long time, so we felt extra special today. Feather Fest is going on right now at the zoo, but Kate was not a fan. Feather Fest is an opportunity for people to feed the birds. They give you a stick with food on it and the birds fly to you and eat off of your stick. I won't lie, I was a little freaked out myself! Chris loved it of course and had four birds on him at one time - too much for me! I forgot my camera (for a second time), but I bought an $8 camera in the gift shop - rip off I know, but I had to capture the moments! So, after I get those developed I'll post some pictures - it really was pretty cool. Also, I'm going to fix my picture problem today and get everyone caught up to date on our fun and exciting life!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

YEAH - It's Done!

So, Chris and I sat down tonight and officially applied to nine pediatric residency programs. After a long, did I say long - application process of reading and re-reading and re-reading the same personal statement and CV information, Chris finally took the plunge and I didn't stop him by any means - I was wondering if it was actually real! The APPLY button finally was pressed - yeah for Chris.

Really, this has been a long process. Any of you that have been through it, know what I'm talking about. The application in itself takes a long time to fill out and then you must write a personal statement all while continuing your rotations! I am so proud of Chris and his achievements. I couldn't ask for a better husband or daddy for Kate and there are going to be lots of very fortunate little kiddos out there in a few years that get to see Dr. Robertson! (He diagnosed yet another ear infection of one of our friends little ones - not official yet, but it will be tomorrow after the little one goes to the doctor.)

The next step: waiting on interviews. We really hope to stay here in our town, but we know that God has His plans for us and we would never want to get in the way. We are praying for God to take us to the right place and hopefully that's right here, but we know that it might not be. Interviews will start in November and finish up in January. The match will take place in March (Chris is applying to allopathic programs) and then we'll know where we'll be for the next three years of residency - exciting and nervous all at the same time! Chris is thinking he wants to do a fellowship, so that will be an additional three years after residency - will this madness ever end???? Just kidding, I'm very excited and try to keep a positive attitude about our "adventure" - I know God has a plan for us!

We'll keep you updated on our progress through this last journey of medical school! I cannot believe how fast it has gone. All my friends said it would fly, but I didn't believe them and here we are - taking off!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Poor pitiful me!

Okay, so this is kind of a feel sorry for me post! No really, I'm fine, but I'm being a bit lazy. If you've been reading my blog for a little while you know my luck with uploading pictures, etc. - not good. Anyway, a new problem has risen and I know I can fix it myself, but I just don't feel like it - I AM EXHAUSTED!!! Somehow the folder I was uploading to has two different names in my photo area and it caused a big to do!! I'll fix it soon, but no pictures until I get around to it I guess!

We had a great weekend with Chris home - went by way toooooooo fast! We changed our office to a playroom and I love it. All of Kate's toys have a home now. We decided the office was becoming a place to put junk that we really didn't need, so we are having a garage sale this weekend to get rid of it! We are in the process of switching our room around and finally hanging pictures (3 years later) - about time to do something in our bedroom. Don't they say your bedroom should be a sanctuary (I missed that part somewhere around the dirty laundry piles)!

Kate and I went to the zoo this morning and ran into a friend from church and met up with the SAA playgroup at 10:30. I am really excited that we have so many MSI's involved this year. There was a time that I thought SAA might be done at the end of last year, but God knew better. He has brought in lots of families this year and SAA is alive and strong - yeah!!

I guess I had more to say than I thought. Pray for my motivation - in turn you might get to see some pictures of my most beautiful girl ever KATE!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chris is home!

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while, but I promise there will be new pictures soon and an update on our lives. Chris is home for the rest of the week - he took his Step 2 Boards today - urgh!! One more step closer to being a "real" doctor!! I am so proud of him!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today was Kate's first time to visit the library. I cannot believe I haven't taken her before because she loves to read and we basically have a small library of our own. We went to storytime this morning and she loved it. Of course the best part was climbing up and down the stairs, but she also liked all the singing that went along with the stories. It is wonderful to have this opportunity so close to us. I had to take a few pictures since it was her first time ever. We met our friends Kara and Parker and they had lots of fun, too! I cannot believe how big she is getting - time just flies by (kind of sad)!

Monday, September 8, 2008

1st SAA playdate

Today Kate and I went to our very first SAA playdate. I had the best of intentions to make it last year, but it was always in the middle of her nap and naps are precious to me!! For those of you who do not know what SAA is, it is a support group for spouses and significant others of medical students. I have been actively involved in SAA while Chris has been in medical school. I cannot believe this journey is on the downward slide and SAA is soon to end for me. It has provided valuable frienships and I have had opportunities to meet interesting people and learn so much about the osteopathic profession. I even went to Las Vegas one year to the convention - the year I was president - maybe a little too involved that year : ) Just kidding I enjoyed it, but it is a lot of work!!

Here are some pictures of the kiddos playing at Derrica's house. We'll be heading off to the zoo in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see everyone there.